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  • Why do we need rights in a democracy? By rithvik88991, On 17 Mar 11 Be the first to answer

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  • hello rithvik
    GD question !!
    well we need rights in democracy to bring about some necessary changes that will make our government run in a better way, rights help us to speak for our self and what we want from our government, it helps us in choosing the leader to run our government, it also provides us the equality between the other caste, creed , culture, it helps us in uniting us for our common goals, perhaps in India , we are given our fundamental rights , which are just fundamentals only , which are never exercised by the people or the leaders didn't let us practice it..
    well this is just the core, the debate just doesn't get over here, it needs to be elaborated.
    all the best !! By gautam6482, On 17 Mar 11

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