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5 myths that CAT '2013 candidates need to disregard

Published On: 15 Oct 2013 | Last Updated On: 15 Oct 2013

The Common Admission Test ’2013 (CAT’ 2013) is expected to be implemented over a 20 day period, starting from Wednesday, October 16 to Monday, November 11, 2013. Since the examination is round the corner, students are advised to disregard 5 common myths surrounding the CAT examinations and focus on giving their best during the test.

In 2013, around 10,000 candidates are expected to appear for CAT on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 in 2 separate slots. Candidates should not focus on selecting specific dates to write the test because each candidate will be provided a different question paper, even when sitting in the same examination hall.

First, it is a myth that the first 2 days of the examination will be extra tough. Actually the difficulty level of the tests differs for individual students. It depends on the preparation done by specific candidates as well.

Secondly, another myth is that by selecting a later date, the students gain an advantage to study the experience of other candidates before their own examination. This approach may actually prove to be disadvantageous as there is a very exhaustive question bank for CAT examination. The huge question bank and unique question paper for individual candidates make it almost impossible for a candidate to memorize the question paper in order to assist another candidate. Hence getting to know about others’ test experience will not benefit students.

The third common myth is that the percentiles of CAT examination are calculated by slots as well as days, as a result of which candidates need to select slots or days with less number of CAT takers or meritorious students. This is not the right approach.

Fourthly, another common myth that does the rounds is that faculty members of coaching centers as well as CAT experts write the test on day one and hence writing the test on that day should be avoided. Actually although faculty members of coaching centers as well as CAT experts do write the test on day one, they do so to learn about changes in the test pattern or of any other updation, the information of which is passed to the candidates by them.

The fifth myth about CAT examinations that candidates need to disregard is that the last few days of the examination are comparatively easier. Again, the level of difficulty depends on individual candidates and has no bearing on when the test is taken.

CAT is an all-India test conducted by the premier Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) as an entrance examination for the management programs offered by its business schools (B-schools) as well as other top Master of Business Administration (MBA) schools.

Source: Daily Bhaskar

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