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CAT '2013 Day 2: Analysis of Paper Pattern and Verbal Ability

Published On: 19 Oct 2013 | Last Updated On: 21 Oct 2013

Several students across India appeared on Day 2 of the Common Admission Test ’2013 (CAT ’2013) on Friday, October 18, 2013.

CAT ’2013 began on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. CAT ’2013 will be conducted over a 20 day period till Monday, November 11, 2013, in 40 cities in India.

CAT ’2013 has 2 sections-Quantitative Ability (QA) and Data Interpretation (DI) as well as Verbal Ability (VA) and Logical Reasoning (LR).

On Day 2, the Verbal section had 20 questions on VA, which was difficult as per some students who expect a lesser cutoff percentile in the Verbal section of the day.

As per experts, there were no surprise elements on Day 2 of the test in terms of examination pattern, which was similar to the pattern of CAT ’2012. The surprise elements in parajumbles and Reading Comprehension (RC) passages of CAT ’2012 prevailed this year too.

Reading Comprehension:

3 RC passages were there with 10 related questions, which were based on philosophy and abstract ideas. Although 2 passages were short consisting of around 800-900 words, another passage on ‘Democracy’ consisted of around 1200 words which was followed by 4 questions. Moreover, 2 questions on ‘Phrase Meaning’, 2 on ‘the Main idea of the passage’ and 2 on ‘Tone of the passage’ were there other than 4 questions which revolved around the information provided in the passages. The passage which had 4 questions was considered more difficult consisting of difficult phrases and vocabulary words. As per some candidates, the questions from the passage on Democracy were difficult.

Error Corrections:

On Day 2, there were 2 questions on Error Corrections in Paragraph. Core grammar was the focus. The questions consisted of 1 paragraph which was divided into 4 sentences. Candidates needed to choose the sentences with correct usage of spelling, grammar and punctuation. The way to solve these questions was correct knowledge of subject-verb agreement, singular-plural, adjectives, articles and adverbs.

Jumbled Paragraph:

On Day 2, there were 3 paragraphs consisting of jumbled sentences. In this, the surprise element of CAT ’2012 prevailed with 1 question where candidates needed to choose the “Out of Context Sentence’ featuring in parajumbles. Moreover, 2 questions about jumbled paragraphs were on the basis of the random jumbled sentences and no opening or closing sentences were provided. Students who were well-prepared to detect the connectors of those sentences could answer them fast, although the questions were more difficult compared to Day 1.

Usage of Vocabulary:

On Day 2, 4 questions were on the basis of contextual usage of vocabulary. Out of these, 2 needed candidates to choose the correct word among the 2 words that were used in a sentence. There were 4 sentences in each question, with 2 words. One of these words per sentence was incorrect contextually. The words were slightly confusing although candidates who had practiced well could solve them fast.

2 other questions had one key word per question, used in 4 diverse ways in 4 sentences. Candidates needed to choose the incorrect usage. These were regular everyday usage words. All these words were applied as phrasal verbs.

Last sentence in paragraph:

3 questions were in this section with each question consisting of 1 paragraph where the last sentence was deleted. Candidates needed to identify the most apt answer that would fit as the last sentence of the paragraph.

Logical Reasoning:

This section consisted of 10 questions in 3 separate sets. 2 sets were not considered very difficult but 1 set consisting of 3 questions was complicated and time-consuming.

As per sources, no surprise elements are predicted for the remaining days of CAT ’2013

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