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CAT 2014 instructions to be followed inside test center

Published On: 27 Oct 2014 | Last Updated On: 28 Oct 2014

The test day video and a guide of the Common Admission Test 2014 (CAT 2014) has been released on the website. Some key instructions mentioned in the guide that CAT 2014 examinees need to follow once inside the test center are mentioned below.

CAT 2014 will be held on Sunday, November 16 and Saturday, November 22, 2014. The forenoon session and afternoon sessions on both the days will be held from 9.30 am to 12.20 pm and from 3 pm to 5.50 pm respectively. The reporting times for the forenoon and afternoon sessions are 7.30 am and 1 pm respectively.

On the notice-board inside the test center, the labs assigned to the candidate can be identified based on candidate name and registration number (referred to as Application No) given on the admit card. There will be direction sign boards that will help locate the designated lab.

Once candidates arrive at the assigned lab, notice-boards outside the lab will display the registration numbers of all the candidates allocated for the lab. Candidates have to confirm that their registration number is present on the sheet. Seating allocation will be denoted as System Number alongside the name. Except for the admit card and Photo ID card, no other items will be allowed inside the lab. 

After the invigilator checks the admit card and Photo ID card, candidates have to sign on the admit card and submit the same, give biometric information, sign the attendance register and proceed to the terminal as per the system number.  The photograph, name and registration number will appear on the screen at the designated terminal. The keyboard should not be touched.

Once the candidates are seated at the terminal, they will not be allowed to go out. The lab door will close 30 minutes before the test.

Rough-sheets and pen will be provided to the candidate for rough work which have to be returned after the test. Candidates should write their names and registration numbers on the rough-sheets.

The candidates need to sign in at their terminals 10 minutes before the test. The candidate needs to enter only the password, which will be instructed by the invigilator. The candidate has to use the virtual keyboard to enter the password.

The candidate can view own profile information and click on I Confirm to proceed. Next, the candidate will be presented with instructions on screen elements and how to navigate on the screen from one question to another. By clicking Next, the candidate can read the CAT 2014 test-specific instructions. Finally, once the invigilator signals for the start of test, the “I am ready to begin” link will be enabled. This link should be clicked to proceed to take the test. 

At no point during the test, the candidate should touch the keyboard. Doing so will lock the terminal. All answer choices should be made using the mouse.

The Submit button will be enabled only upon completion of test time. An on-screen timer will mark the remaining minutes for the test. The Question Palette panel on the right side will display the status of the questions in four colors that indicate the following: Green - Answered question, Red - Unanswered question, White - Question not viewed and Violet - Question marked for review.

After marking the selected option while answering a question, candidates should click one of the following to proceed:

  • Save & Next: Saves the answer and moves to the next question
  • Clear Response: Clears the already selected answer option for the given question only
  • Mark for Review & Next: Marks the question in Violet for review so that candidate can return later to confirm the answer selection. The candidate will also be prompted at the time of submitting the test, those questions that are marked for review.

Candidates can also view other details related to the test on the bottom right panel of the screen such as: Question Paper, Profile, Instructions and Submit.

When the Submit button is clicked, the system will prompt to confirm submission. The system will also display a summary of the status of the questions attempted by the candidate. Once the paper has been submitted, the system will present a candidate feedback form. It is mandatory for all candidates to respond to the survey.

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