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Syllabus for CAT Exam

Published On: 06 Aug 2013 | Last Updated On: 24 Nov 2015

To start with the preparation for CAT exam, the first thing to keep in mind is the CAT syllabus. However, the CAT entrance exam doesn’t have any predefined syllabus for CAT.  The CAT exam will have two sections. The first section will be Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and the second section will be Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning.

This year, the format for CAT has changed. Duration of the examination has been increased to 170 minutes from the existing limit of 140 minutes. These sections essentially test the general aptitude of a student. Questions in each section, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning have been increased to 50 in each section from the existing 30 questions.

First section:

QA: CAT quant section tests the students’ mathematical or numerical skills. The syllabus of CAT for quant section is classified into various topics. You can prepare for some of the following topics:

a) Number Systems, b) Complex Numbers, c) Set Theory, d) LCM and HCF, e) Profit, Loss and Discount, f) Speed, Time and Distance, g) Simple and Compound Interest, h) Ratio and Proportion, i) Time and Work, j) Percentages, k) Averages, l) Linear Equations , m) Sequences and Series Progressions, n) Quadratic Equations, o) Binomial Theorem, p) Permutation and Combination, q) Logarithm, r) Probability, s) Surds and Indices, t) Functions, u) Inequalities, v) Mixtures and Alligations, w) Mensuration, x) Trigonometry, y) Co-ordinate Geometry, z) Geometry

DI: DI section in CAT test is termed as calculation-intensive section. This section essentially tests the decision making ability of a students. In this section data are given in form of graphs (bar graphs, line graphs), charts (pie charts), Caselets, tables etc. The CAT exam syllabus for this includes –

a) Caselets b) Pie Chart c) Bar Graphs d) Line Graphs e) Tables f) Venn Diagrams

Second section:

VA: Verbal ability section in CAT examination basically tests students written language abilities. The verbal ability section of CAT entrance is classified into four parts –

a) Reading Comprehension b) Vocabulary Usage c) Error Correction d) Jumbled Paragraphs

LR: LR section in IIM CAT exam essentially tests students’ logical/reasoning skills in solving a given problem. The IIM CAT syllabus for LR section in CAT exam can be classified into following topics:

a) Number and Letter Series b) Blood Relations c) Calendars d) Syllogism e) Clocks f) Logical Connectives g) Cubes h) Logical Matching i) Binary Logic j) Logical Sequence k) Seating Arrangements.

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