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cbse 10th

CBSE Class 10th Paper Pattern

Published On: 04 Jan 2012 | Last Updated On: 04 Jan 2016

Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation (CCE)

The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system was introduced with an aim of evaluating the performance on regular basis throughout the academic year on academic and non–academic areas. The evaluation will be carried out in 3 steps.

The Step 1 consists of evaluation of student’s academic performance in class IX and X. Basically there are 2 types of evaluations namely Formative and Summative assessment. The academic year comprises of 2 terms and each term has 2 formative and 1 summative assessments for evaluating the academic areas. The first term will be held from April to September and the 2nd term will be held from October to March.

The assessment will not have marks instead they will be given 9 grades. The details regarding the grade system are discussed in Grading System for CBSE Class 10th.   When a student completed his/ her Class X the board will issue a comprehensive certificate for both Class IX and X together.

Step 2 will evaluate on non academic areas such as skills, values and attitudes. The grading scale will be followed as under:

  • 5 point grading scale for skills
  • 3 point grading for values and attitudes

Again, Step 3 consists of non academic activities which include participation in scientific, club activities, library, physical education and aesthetic. For all these areas a 3 point grading scale will be observed.

Examination Pattern for Class 10th

CBSE is planning to introduce more objective type multiple choice questions and less subjective questions in the exam pattern. The exam is a 100 marks paper. Mostly the question papers for class Xth is of 80 marks and 20 marks are allocated for the practical.

The 80 mark paper consists of MCQs and short answer type and long answer type questions. The Paper is divided into 2 parts within which Part I includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Part II includes short answer and long answer type questions.

Changes Introduced in the Examination Pattern for Class 10th:

A lot of changes have been introduced in the paper pattern for second term examination of Class Xth. The changes were made in the pattern of the question paper for summative assessment March 2011.

The weightage has been increased to 57 percent for MCQ as compared to previous weightage of 26 percent for English subject. 75 percent questions will be subjective type which means that students will have to write the answers on their own for second term March 2011 summative assessment.

Students are suggested to go through the paper pattern for CCE class 10th in the sample papers, so as to have an idea about the paper pattern because the pattern will be pretty similar to the question paper that are provided by CBSE.

CCE Sample Papers

CCE sample papers can be downloaded from the for class 10th. Sample papers of CCE for both formative and summative assessment are available in a variety of subjects such as Hindi course A, Hindi course B, Mathematics, Science, Urdu, English, etc for class 10th.

The CCE sample papers have made it is simple for students to be familiar with the question pattern and the marking system. By introducing the New CBSE CCE sample papers students and teacher will be benefited and will help them to prepare for the exam.

CBSE has released New CCE Sample Papers for class 10 Summative Assessment for a variety of subjects such as Book Keeping and Accountancy, Elements of Business, English, Foundation of Information Technology, French, German, Hindi, Home Science, Japanese, Mathematics, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Science, Social Science, Typewriting, Urdu etc.

For more details on CBSE CCE please click here.

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