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CBSE Class XII Admission Qualification

Published On: 10 Jan 2012 | Last Updated On: 04 Jan 2016

Students cannot be admitted to Class XII directly provided that admission to class XII in a school is open to those students only who have completed a regular course of study for class XI and has passed class XI exam from a school affiliated to CBSE board.

No admission shall be taken in Class XII directly. Provided further that admission to Class XII in a school shall be open only to such a student who:

  • Has completed a regular course of study for Class XI; and ,
  • Has passed Class XI examination from a school affiliated to this Board.

A student who has completed a regular course of study for Class XI and has passed Class XI examination from this Board or an institution recognized by/affiliated to any recognized Board in India can be admitted in class XII to a school only on transfer of the parent (s) or shifting of their families from one place to another, after procuring from the student the mark sheet and the Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the Educational Authorities of the Board concerned.

  1. In case of such admissions, the schools would obtain post facto approval of the Board within one month of the admission of the student.
  2. Notwithstanding anything contained in paras 1 to 5 of this Byelaws, the admission of students passing qualifying examination from an examining body outside India shall be regulated according to the provisions contained in byelaw 6.2 of this chapter; provided that the condition of completing regular course of study for class IX and XI is satisfied in cases of admission to Class X and Class XII respectively.

Academic Qualification for Undertaking Examinations:

A candidate for All India/Delhi Senior School Certificate Examination should have obtained/ passed the following at least two years earlier than the year in which he/she would take Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) of the Board:

  • Obtained minimum Grade D in at least five subjects of external examination and a Qualifying Certificate at the Secondary School Examination(Class X) conducted by the Board , or
  • Obtained minimum Grade D in the Scholastic areas as well as satisfactory Grades in Co- Scholastic areas under the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme in the Secondary School examination conducted by the school affiliated to the Board upto Senior Secondary level and Certificate of School -,Based Assessment duly signed by the Board or
  • Has passed an equivalent examination conducted by any other recognized Board/University.
  • Secured a grade higher than grade E in each of the subjects of internal assessment at Secondary School Examination (Class X) referred to at (a) above.
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