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CBSE Class XII Economics Exam quite balanced

Published On: 01 Apr 2013 | Last Updated On: 01 Apr 2013

The CBSE Class XII exams ended on Saturday, March 30 with economic s exam. After the tough accounts and math exam leaving most of the student teary eyed, economics exam was a relief for the students.

Most of the economic teachers claimed that the exam was quite balanced and easy and repeated the previous year’s pattern.

Students also found the paper to be easy and directed. Most of the students were prepared for this kind of paper. There was a slight change in the pattern though. In the macro economics part, every year there is at least one theory question of 6 marks. This time there were only numerical questions. However, the students were not really shocked with the change as seemed to take it well.

Some of the students revealed that the true and false section in the microeconomics exam seemed tricky. The questions were application based and not at all direct.

Students, who had not studied the production possibility curve in depth, may have found the value based questions tough.  

Some of the teachers also claimed that Set 1 had one question, which was trickier than the question in Set 3, although both were based on the same chapter.   Teachers expect to see more students with 100/100 marks this year since overall the exam was pretty balanced.

Source: Times of India

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