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CBSE decides not to publish sample papers and blueprints

Published On: 28 Jun 2012 | Last Updated On: 28 Jun 2012

CBSE Classes 9 to 12 will not be issued sample papers, marking schemes or blueprints from the 2012-13 academic year as decided by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Earlier, these documents were provided to the affiliated schools and its students to serve as a guide for the assessment and its validity and reliability.

However, the board has now noticed that students and teachers are using them for their own ends. Most school students use the blueprints and the marking scheme to select easier chapters to study for the board exams. Moreover, teachers are also using these documents to teach selected topics that would fetch marks rather than teaching the entire syllabus to the students.  This being the case, most students obtain pass marks or more and are promoted to the next level despite not having learnt many concepts that would be taught in the next class as well.

The board believes the release of blueprints and sample papers would promote the idea of teaching to the test and hence has initiated this move to curb any such practices. In addition, the board will also be revising the weightage of marks allotted and will assign marks to the entire unit in place of chapter-wise weightage, which is the practice now.

Though the syllabus has not changed the summative assessment or exam for Classes 9 and 10 for the exams in March-April 2013 will not be based on the existing blue print or marking scheme. A flexible structure of assessment will be assigned by the board instead of a detailed blueprint, revealed the board officials.

Source: Times of India

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