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CBSE reduces minimum land requirement norm for new schools

Published On: 13 Jan 2012 | Last Updated On: 13 Jan 2012

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to relax the minimum land requirement norms for building new institutions in cities.

While amending its affiliation and examination Bye-Laws, the Board decided to lower the minimum land required for extending affiliations to schools from the current 2 acres to 1 acre in cities having population more than 15 lakhs.

The Board decided to amend its minimum land requirement norm in the last meeting of its governing body. Many stakeholders were demanding the board to reduce the minimum land requirement for new schools affiliated to CBSE in cities. The sources from CBSE revealed that the stakeholders quoted unavailability of big plots of land for opening schools is a major challenge.

As per the Affiliation and Examination Bye-Laws earlier, schools with 1 acre of land could get affiliation only in cities having population more than 25 lakhs.

The Board has also decided to give provisional and regular affiliation to schools in cases of late application  with a late fee of Rs 10,000 a month. If the Board rejects any school application then only 90% of the fee would be refunded.

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