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CBSE schools to be penalised for malpractices

Published On: 11 Aug 2012 | Last Updated On: 11 Aug 2012

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) might soon be able to levy financial penalty on institutions that do not comply by the CBSE rules. This provision is given to the Board under Section 32 of the CBSE Bill being drafted by the ministry of human resource development.

The range of financial penalty liable has yet not been defined by the Bill but the HRD ministry is considering the lower limit to be Rs. 50,000 and the maximum of Rs. 5 to 10 lakh. This fine can be levied on the schools if they are found resorting to prohibited practices such as exploitation of teachers by paying them lesser than the salary declared to the public, violating the law of land and unfair means of conducting examination or admission process.

A ministry official informed that earlier the Bill stated that the Board can levy a ‘suitable monetary penalty’ but the law ministry felt the need of the exact range of the penalty to be defined.

If schools are found to be resorting to prohibited practices the Board can also downgrade the institution. A CBSE official informed that the Board very rarely resorts to disaffiliation of schools and remains as a mere threat but with the passage of the Bill this might change. He further added that the Board would prefer not to disaffiliate schools as the students will be at a loss, they might just impose a heavy fine.

A former CBSE official was pleased with this development and hopes that it will be implemented. He informed that the Board’s empowerment under this Bill will be a step in the positive direction. The Board faces a problem as state boards despite being set up under a state Act force CBSE to implement state board syllabus in its schools. If given the status of a statutory body, the board will be free to implement its reforms and policies.

Source: India Today

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