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CBSE to test class IX and XI students' oral skills in English language

Published On: 18 Sep 2012 | Last Updated On: 18 Sep 2012

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to assess the oral (speaking and listening) skills of class IX and XI students in English from the current academic session. This will formally be known as Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL) and will carry 10% weightage of SA1 and SA2.

The speaking test will be conducted in three parts for two students at a time for duration of twelve minutes. A teacher who is an expert in the English subject will be both the assessor and the interlocutor for the students.

The first part of the speaking assessment will be the general introduction where the interlocutor engages in a general conversation with the student asking simple questions based on the student’s name, place of residence, leisure preferences, etc. The second part of the assessment will be known as ‘mini presentation’ where the students will be directed to pick up a ‘role card’ or ‘cue card’, which will have topics written on it. The students will be given a minute to organize their thoughts on the topic and will be given two minutes to present their ideas. The third part of the assessment will be pair interaction where both the students are asked to interact with each other for three minutes on a particular topic.

By chance a student is unable to speak during the given time due to nervousness; the interlocutor can give a minute to the student to start afresh.

The listening comprehension will assess the students’ listening ability for basic academic, interpersonal and instructional purposes. During the assessment the students will hear a set of recordings of the listening input or listen to a reading of the listening input. They will listen to these inputs twice and are not allowed to interrupt or ask any questions to the teachers.

After listening to all the recordings, the students are required to answer a set of questions on a worksheet provided to them. The test will have four sections, which are all compulsory.

Source: Times of India

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