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Last Minute Tips To Crack Board Exams

Published On: 02 Mar 2011 | Last Updated On: 29 Feb 2012
As you prepare for the Class 10th or 12th board exams, the exam that will determine which college you attend and the career path you choose -- you must focus on ways to ease the stress and attempt to formulate a strategy to crack the exams. To help you, has put together some tips to crack exams.
Day before your Exams:
1. Stay confident 
2. Be yourself: Your first biggest test is to stay who you are. There are friends, parents and so many competitors, which may change your tactics and track even at last moment. No matter what anyone say, your way is still the best way. Just believe in it.
3. Have fun: Watch highlights of match if you are interested in Cricket, or watch something which diverts your mind from exams or read a comic, talk to friends, dad, fight with sister or brother, talks about a movie etc,.  Sometimes these fifteen minutes with that someone makes all the difference between a stomach with butterflies and a resolve of steel and will boost your confidence 
4. Don’t try anything new, right from your pen to strategy. A brand NEW may not give the comfort that you had with your older pen or strategy. 
On the D-Day:
1. Time yourself: Don’t waste time on one single question. Ensure that you complete the exam paper in 2 hr 30 minutes so that you have enough time to revise and look for mistakes.
2. Draw diagrams neatly wherever necessary and label it 
3.  For mathematics it is always better  to have a separate rough column and fair column. Don’t do the rough work in a different sheet. You might find it difficult to check the calculations 
4. Underline important points – never use red ink. Use black or pencil 
5. Try to Attempt entire section together. Don’t attempt one section in the beginning and other at the end 
6. Similarly answer questions to the point and answer briefly. 
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