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NCERT opposes changes in CBSE English syllabus of Classes XI and XII

Published On: 26 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 26 Jul 2012

The Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) decision to revamp the English syllabus of Classes XI and XII has not gone down well with the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The CBSE has removed two poems and eight short stories from this academic year and added two new novels for Class XI and XII. The decision was strongly opposed by the NCERT whose books are referred across all CBSE schools.

The Board’s decision to change the syllabus was based on the feedback of 5, 995 students and 543 teachers from CBSE schools. By the time NCERT received information about this change; the CBSE schools were already notified.

A senior official from the NCERT expressed that the CBSE is a certification and affiliating body. The Board should have consulted the Indian academic body, NCERT before introducing changes in subjects such as English Core and delivering the course material. Many questions were raised against CBSE’s decision to bring in major changes without consulting NCERT.

NCERT claimed that the council prepared the syllabus prepared in accordance with the NCF (National Curriculum Framework), in the presence of CBSE chairman who was the member of the committee approving the syllabus and textbooks. Similarly CBSE should also have shared the changes with the Council so that a common decision could have been taken.

The objections were sent to the Board in written along with a copy to Ministry of HRD.              

The present CBSE chairman defended this decision stating that the CBSE is an autonomous body and has the right to decide to what extent they should adapt the model syllabus given by the NCERT in any subject. He also added that the NCF encourages the Board to make changes in its syllabus based on user feedback and promotes experimentation.  

Sources from NCERT revealed that the Boards were allowed to deviate from the NCERT syllabus only till the National Monitoring Committee (NMC) was not established.

After objections from the NCERT, the CBSE is working closely with the academic body on making changes to vocational courses.

Source: India Today

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