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Transfer certificates can now be issued only in case of migration or at parents request, says CBSE

Published On: 02 Aug 2012 | Last Updated On: 02 Aug 2012

The latest amendment to the CBSE examination bye-laws says that the schools affiliated to the CBSE can issue transfer certificates (TC) only at the parents request for one or in case of migration. Earlier, schools deliberately issued TCs to the academically weak students of particularly class IX and XI, to maintain high percent pass percentage in the board examinations.

The new amended rule states: “A student leaving the school at the end of a session or who is permitted to leave the school during the session, on account of migration from one city/state to another on the transfer of the parents or shifting of their families from one place to another or parents’ request, especially in classes IX, X, XI and XII, as the case maybe.”

Some Delhi school principals stated that they always followed this rule. TC was not issued unless a written request from the parent with a valid reason was given to the school. Students who are weak in academics will now be protected and they cannot be asked to leave the school by the authorities.  

Source: Deccan Herald

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