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Alliance Française, Bombay (Mumbai)
Email : mumbai@india-campusfrance.org
Website : bombay.afindia.org

Alliance Française, Bombay (Mumbai) is an educational organization with a nonprofit cultural goal. Since 1883, the worldwide network has exposed several thousands of students from different origins to French civilization and language. The Alliance Française has created an identity of its own and has thus been able to exist in 138 countries, with over a thousand local committees each endowed with a special and unique quality. The long-lasting experience and outstanding vitality are the result of tight links woven between the citizens and patrons in the various countries and the French State. The Alliance Française is one and manifold at the same time and epitomizes a universal and evolutionary France.

Facilities :-


  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Classrooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Language Lab
  • Audio-Visual Aids
  • Extra Curricular Activities
Name : Alliance Française, Bombay (Mumbai)
City : Mumbai
State : Maharashtra
Country : India
Contact Email : mumbai@india-campusfrance.org
Website : bombay.afindia.org