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Asian School of Management
Recognition : UGC
Affiliation : Pune University
Contact No : 020 - 65002125
Email : admission@asianschoolofmanagement.com
Website : www.asianschoolofmanagement.com
Asian School of Management (ASOM), Pune is affiliated to University of Pune and is the first institute in India to run a course on internet and mobile media. The MBA program offered by ASOM is UGC recognized and Government registered. The first course in India has its own app store to assist in program co-ordination and knowledge sharing.  ASOM is the first institute in Pune to be run in association with IIT / IIM Alumni. ASOM is committed to instilling high standards of discipline, ethics and values amongst its students.
A unique institution on account of its self chosen autonomy, ASOM is dynamic as ever, keeping pace with a constantly changing environment. The ASOM curriculum encourages a cooperative outlook that recognizes the value of sharing and mutual respect. The MBA+ program is tailored meticulously keeping in mind the industry dynamics and the ever changing economic scenario. The corporate requirements at ASOM are unique; they use a mix of training tools to cater to industry needs. The program is a dynamic mix of academic skills, personal grooming and industry requirements. 
Why Choose Asian School of Management?
  • Industry Specific module jointly evaluated by ASOM and the corporate
  • Students are required to work in specialized functional areas as per the selected organization & present their monthly report, both to the organization & institute for their evaluation
  • The students get the opportunity to correlate theory with practice
  • As a part of curriculum the student gets hands on experience in the selected industry
Facilities at Asian School of Management -
  • Library
  • Laboratories
  • Class Rooms
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Cafeteria
  • Hostel
  • Gymnasium
  • Sports
Name : Asian School of Management
Location : St. Crispin's Home, 10/12 Karve Road
Erandawane, Nal Stop
City : Pune
State : Maharashtra
Country : India
Contact No : 020 - 65002125
Contact Email : admission@asianschoolofmanagement.com
Website : www.asianschoolofmanagement.com   
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