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Avonmore Tertiary Institute
Year Founded : 1988
Contact No : +64 3 977 2700
Email : info@avonmore.ac.nz
Website : http://avonmore.co.nz

Avonmore Tertiary Institute was established in 1988. The institute is a private tertiary educational institute with a range of educational programs designed to meet the needs of industry. Their vision is to inspire their students to reach their potential in their chosen career.


The institute offers nationally  and international recognised qualifications that reflects the needs and demands of the market and industry. Avonmore is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to students whose access might otherwise be restricted or non-existent by offering international and nationally recognised qualifications that reflect the needs and demands of the market and industry.


Campuses of Avonmore Tertiary Institute -


The Avonmore Tertiary Institute has five campuses are -


  • Auckland City Campus
  • Christchurch Campus
  • Manukau Campus
  • North Shore Campus
  • Tauranga Campus


Why Choose Avonmore Tertiary Institute?

  • The institute is linked with a wide range of industries that keeps it in touch with the changing needs of modern business.
  • It has carefully chosen a range of courses catering to the fastest growing industries in New Zealand, which consistently demand highly qualified personnel.
  • The institute gives special priority to international students who require additional English language support.
  • It offers pathways to higher tertiary studies for students whose English needs further development. Success at Avonmore will reduce the time taken to complete a university qualification.
  • The institute is governed by a comprehensive and transparent set of quality assurance protocols and has been recently awarded the highest certification by NZQA for quality and financial viability.


Facilities at Avonmore Tertiary Institute

  • Student lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping centre
  • Classrooms
  • Learning laboratory
  • Cafeteria


Accreditation of Avonmore Tertiary Institute -


Avonmore is registered and accredited with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and meets the requirements of the Educational Act and its amendments. This accreditation is a quality audit ensuring a high standard of premises, resources, tutors and education.

Name : Avonmore Tertiary Institute
Location : 397 Brougham Street Waltham
City : Christchurch
Country : New Zealand
Contact No : +64 3 977 2700
Contact Email : info@avonmore.ac.nz
Website : http://avonmore.co.nz   
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