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B - Ghud - Finishing School
Year Founded : 1996
Contact No : 0479 2308420
Email : b_ghud@rediffmail.com
Website : www.bghud.com

B - GHUD The Finishing School (BGHUD), Kerala was established in 1996. The institute has been enlightening youngsters, since its inception ten years back, to face the challenges of the modern world. B-Ghud has been imparting training on IELTS, TOEFL, NCLEX-RN, CGFNS, Moh test, Saudi prometric, Doha Prometric and many other disciplines, since its inception.

When other institutes train students with one or two staff, the B - Ghud have about 11 instructors exclusively for Haad, Moh NCLEX-RN. As many of the Tests are online, it ensures that every students gets a computer for analyzing the previous questions and to have simulated feeling of an online exam. The developed nations prefers the IT Professionals for their creativity, consistency and value system.

Courses Offered :-


  • MOH Test
  • HAAD Test
  • CRS
  • IATA
Name : B - Ghud - Finishing School
Location : Puthiacavu Jn
City : Alappuzha
State : Kerala
Country : India
Contact No : 0479 2308420
Contact Email : b_ghud@rediffmail.com
Website : www.bghud.com