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Location: Suite 1-4 (Ground Floor), World Trade Center (Next to Hotel Lalit) , Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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About Us
EGE Global Education is a worldwide network of Higher Education Consultants consisting of senior academicians, corporate leaders and alumni of world's leading universities like MIT, Cornell, Harvard, UPenn, Michigan, LSE, ISB, etc.
EGE is focused on advising and counselling internationally mobile students wishing to continue their post-secondary studies in foreign locations. Headquartered in the United States, EGE has offices in New York, London, Toronto, India and Singapore. EGE's offices in India are currently at New Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai and Hyderabad with plans to open more offices in the near future.
EGE also maintains an ongoing dialogue with accredited colleges and universities across the globe to understand their expectations and continually changing admissions criteria for students. This is in turn helps EGE to guide and mentor students with regard to which Course-University-Country best meets their profile and career aspirations.
The geographies that EGE provides admission support for are: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Europe.
EGE's Vision
To enable students to pursue an international education that best meets their individual career aspirations in a safe and conducive environment for study.
EGE's Mission
To become the preferred and most trusted educational consultant group for students looking to pursue higher education outside their home countries.
Our comprehensive mentoring program begins with an intensive counselling session broken down into a 3-step process:
Step 1: Student Profile Analysis
At EGE, we believe that a deep understanding of a student's motivation for overseas study is the most critical step in the counselling process. We begin with a face-to-face meeting with a student so that our counsellors can learn about their specific needs and goals as well as the particular strengths and weaknesses of their profile.
Step 2: Mapping Profile to Courses
EGE prides itself on being able to provide real time expert advice from an international team comprised of counsellors who have first-hand knowledge of the education system in the destination country.
Working with senior counsellor based in the destination country, our India - counsellors then do a best-match of the student's profile and capabilities with the most appropriate academic programs and institutions in the country. If necessary, an overseas counsellor may schedule an interactive session with the student before suggesting courses and universities.
Step 3: Documentation for Admission & Financial aid
The counsellors at home and destination countries work together, to guide students through the application process. The key here is knowing which aspects of the student's credentials are valued most by the shortlisted universities and programs and enabling student to effectively highlight the same.
Post Admission Support
Financial Planning
Financing is an important consideration for students aspiring to study abroad. In addition to working with students to identify scholarship, assistantship and fellowship opportunities both before and after admission, the EGE team can also offer assistance in helping students secure bank loans to fund their education.
Visa guidance
The visa process can be challenging and cumbersome. EGE offers expert guidance on documentation to help students avoid the pitfalls in this process.
Travelling overseas can be expensive. With this in mind, and with the objective of keeping student costs to an absolute minimum, EGE has established a special working relationship with Thomas Cook for international travel. Under this arrangement, Thomas Cook provides EGE students with facilities for foreign exchange (demand draft, wire transfer, and currency notes), along with other travel and travel-related services at the lowest possible prices.
Pre Departure and Arrival Support
Orientation Workshop
Prior to departure, members of our expert team offer an orientation workshop that sensitizes students to the culture, environment and social customs of their destination country. The workshop also provides basic language and accent training.
Post Arrival Support
Our EGE staff is present in the foreign country to provide any support that a student may need upon arrival, including:
  • Information about local transportation facilities
  • Help establishing banking relationships
  • Sourcing part-time jobs (where permitted by law)
  • Guidance through the various off-campus housing options available


Name : EGE Global Education
Location : Suite 1-4 (Ground Floor), World Trade Center (Next to Hotel Lalit)
Connaught Place
City : New Delhi
State : Delhi
Country : India
Contact Name : Mr Satyam
Contact No : 1800 1035 900 (Toll Free)
Contact Email :
Website : 

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