Year Founded: 2008

Recognition: UGC

Contact Name: C. A Kamal Mehta

Contact No: 09928819733



Location: Jodhpur National University, Narnadi, Jhanwar Road , Jodhpur , Rajasthan, India



Jodhpur National University has pioneered the concept of technical education in the Western part of Rajasthan. It was established u/s 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956. Since its inception it has strived to provide excellence in all fields of technology by attracting the best of the faculty from a wide spread spectrum of intellectuals from all over the country.

The University is situated in the suburbs of Jodhpur and is housed in a sprawling campus of 30 acres. It provides a highly stimulating and intellectually vibrant ambience to student wishing to pursue quality education and excellence in their chosen field.

The main objective of the institution is to provide the state of the art education at the door steps of the prospective student community for which earlier they have to travel far distances and for this reason scores of bright students could not peruse higher and technical education.

JNU is at an infant stage but proud of its state of the art infrastructural facilities having multimedia theatre,lecture halls and Wi-Fi environment in the campus. Our library has more than 50 thousands titles and is also connected to the consortium of libraries around the world round the clock.

Through our regular upgrading of academic programmes, we help create an educated work force that keeps our economy competitive in the emerging globalized scenario.

We provide a unique environment in which our faculty members and promising students strive together to expand the fundamental knowledge of human nature and yield a multitude of benefits through creation of new products, technologies, jobs and in last but not the least, ameliorating the quality of life of the teeming millions inhabitating this planet.

For ages education has been a scarce commodity especially in India but today the ground work for meeting our future economic growth has already been laid at our institution where new innovations are being created and the next generation of scientists, engineers, business leaders and social thinkers are being trained.

As a part of social responsibility, we at JNU create jobs directly and indirectly and the jobs bring prosperity and stability to families and neighborhoods through out the state. We have adopted several villages in and around our campus. We have given employment to almost everyone from these villages and have liberally funded infrastructural facilities to schools and have given book, bags and dresses to school going children. We are also providing free medical checkups and other related services.

We pledge to make The JNU a place where the best of the minds meet to impart and share the state of the art development in various fields of technology, management and social sciences.


We are eager to build upon this exceptional institution by providing a lively environment for learning and discovering, sharing diverse thinking and expertise across the globe and fostering the next generations of leaders, who understand the complexities of technology and society to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Our primary purpose as an institution of higher education is the creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society. JNU is committed to achieve excellence as a primary centre of research and higher education and the institution of choice for students of exceptional ability and promise. We also encourage students not to take the beaten path but to forge a new path as Robert Frost rightly said.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference"


1.Wi-Fi Campus : Jodhpur National University is a Wi-Fi enabled campus which provides high bandwidth speed to all the offices and departments of the University, boosting research and developmental activities in the University by facilitating the students, research scholars and faculty to access the web even after regular college hours.

2.Laboratories & Clinics : The development of state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical facilities has been a continuous process. It is our endeavour to provide updated facilities to our students where they can get practical exposure to the subjects taught and an opportunity to experiment with and apply what they have learnt in theory. All the Labs & Clinics of Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Computer Application are well designed and well equipped with all the required equipments.

3.Hospital : A hospital with 100 beds and adequate diagnostic facilities such as X-ray, blood test, ECG etc. with competent doctors and staff is in place to take care of the physical health and welfare of all students & Staff.

4.Lecture Theaters : The University has acoustically designed Lecture Halls equipped with modern teaching aids like Over Head Projectors, Multimedia Projectors etc. for effective teaching-learning process.

5. Library : is the nerve center of learning resources of any institution as it supports teaching, learning, research, academic and development programmes. The University library is well stocked with a wide range of around 50,000 books in all core, functional and applied areas of study. Leading Journals both National and International, Newspapers, Current Magazines etc. are subscribed regularly for a quick dissemination of information to students.


  • The University provides separate hostel accommodation for boysand girls. Students can also opt for Air onditioned/Air Cooled Rooms.
  • Branch of Bank of Rajasthan at University campus with ATM Facility.
  • Own fleet of buses, vans and cars for students, staff and faculty.

Teaching Methodology

Jodhpur National University firmly believes in providing holistic education to build versatile personalities. Apart from academic know how and professional training we support the overall development of our students through extra- curricular and co curricular activities organized at regular intervals.

Our University emphasizes a well-knit and closely bonded student teacher relationship where both strive together to obtain knowledge & produce an eclectic mix of new areas of specialization, new products, technologies and jobs constantly endeavouring to improve the quality of life & make this world a better place to live.

The University aims to develop both lateral as well as vertical thinking in its students so as to enhance their analytical capabilities through academic freedom, open access to knowledge, & information and free flowing democratic debates and brain storming sessions.

Our committed and dedicated faculty members incessantly and diligently strive towards honing the knowledge & skills of our students & preparing them for future job markets, our students are employed in major multinationals

Training and Placement

Jodhpur National University has an independent Training & placement Cell dedicated for strengthening the interaction between Institute and Industry. The cell is assisted by Student Placement Coordinators who lead a team of placement representatives from various courses of study.

Training and placement also arranges for summer practical training for all students and various sessions of group discussions and mock interviews are organized. Industrial Tours are organized by all the faculties of the university to important industrial destinations for effective industry interface.

Our students in past have been placed in various in various fortune 500 companies and major multinational like Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Tata etc. both in India and abroad.


Courses offered by Jodhpur National University - Jodhpur All Courses 

M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Category: Computer Science and Engineering

Degree: M.Tech.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 2 Years


M.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering)- Stands for Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. Typically, M.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering) is a two year course, minimum.. Read more..

M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Category: Electrical Engineering

Degree: M.Tech.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 2 Years


M Tech in Electrical Engineering covers traditional areas like generation, distribution and transmission of electricity as well as new age applications in electronics ranging from telecommunications to.. Read more..

M.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Category: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Degree: M.Tech.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 2 Years


M.Tech. Electronics and Communications Engineering - Stands for Master of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering. The M.Tech. degree is typically for two years, minimum eligibility for.. Read more..

M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Category: Mechanical Engineering

Degree: M.Tech.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 2 Years


M.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)- Stands for Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. Typically, a M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) is a two year course, the minimum eligibility for which is a.. Read more..

M.Tech. in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Category: Civil Engineering

Degree: M.Tech.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 2 Years


Civil Engineering provides a solid background in mathematics and basic sciences applied toward the study and design of engineering systems.involve planning, analysis, design, construction &.. Read more..

Name : Jodhpur National University - Jodhpur
Location : Jodhpur National University, Narnadi, Jhanwar Road
City : Jodhpur
State : Rajasthan
Country : India
Contact Name : C. A Kamal Mehta
Contact No : 09928819733
Contact Email :
Website : 

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