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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies
Year Founded : 1991
Contact No : (08192) 241269, 241483, 241486, Fax: (08192) 241270
Email : admissions@kiams.ac.in
Website : www.kiams.ac.in

About The Institute

Established in 1991, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) was conceived as a training institute and a knowledge hub for Kirloskar Group Managers to share their knowledge and learning and catch up with the latest in management.

The Institute initially offered Management Development Programmes and consultancy. Taking a leaf out of the rich experience gained from this, KIAMS moved on to offer AICTE approved PGDM from the year 1998.

The Institute has since been striving to achieve excellence in management through the ruling paradigm of "Education through values" with value being operative in beliefs, processes and results.

KIAMS enjoys the backing of one of the most prominent business houses in the country – the Kirloskar Group. It was indeed the vision of Mr. SL Kirloskar to provide a world class center for excellence in management education, research, training and consultancy that has been put to practice through KIAMS. The Institute has since been instrumental in offering not just management knowledge to the aspiring leaders but development and consultancy to some of the most inspired business across the world.


  • Ranked A++ Consistently by Business India B-School Ranking
  • Ranked 10th among Best Private B-Schools in Karnataka by GHRDC-CSR
  • Ranked 54th among Top B-Schools in India by Outlook
  • Ranked 42nd among top 50 B-Schools in India by Career Connect
  • Ranked 32nd among Best Private B-Schools in India by Careers360
  • Ranked AAA+ among Best Private B-Schools in South India by Careers360

Why the Institute?

Kirloskar Institute has special features as follows:-

  • One institute Two Locations
  • Over 140+ Research Papers Published by KIAMS Faculty
  • Students admitted from over 23+ States
  • Over 1000+Alumni's
  • Supported by "THE KIRLOSKAR" Group - India's leading conglomerate
  • 25 years in management thought leadership
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • Trained 10,000 Senior Corporate Executives through Management Development Programme
  • Graduate 16 batches of successfully placed managers
  • At the forefront of promoting transparency of ethics in B-School education, KIAMS was one of the first code signatories to Indian placement Reporting Standards advocating by IIM-Ahmedabad
  • Two state of the Art campuses Harihar & Pune

Message from the Director

Greetings! I am happy to note your interest in KIAMS. It is indeed my pleasure to make a brief introduction here, a preview of what you will see in detail in the other pages.

KIAMS was founded by a great industrial house, the Kirloskars. It started as an Institute to conduct MDP before considering moving into full-time education. In line with their philosophy and outlook, we adopt the ruling paradigm of "Education through Values". There are three domains where Value is seen in action: Beliefs, Processes and Results.

Our Beliefs hold that everyone has a potential and worth, which cannot be measured on a common scale. And that there is ample room for everyone in the field of Management. Thus each individual has a potential which can find a niche in Management. If you are not the CAT whiskers in quantitative methods, you can empathise your way to the pinnacle of HR. Translated into action, our selection process will look at the student holistically. If s/he reveals some potential that can be deployed in the vast area of management, s/he is welcome to the KIAMS education process.

Our Processes will aim beyond delivering good education. The invitation to the student is to master theory but eschew being theoretical. The individual is encouraged to explore with a sense of responsibility to find the potential that s/he wishes to convert to professional performance. The thinker is as valued as a doer; art co-exists with science. Our association with the industrial house of Kirloskars will facilitate an easy two-way osmosis between concept and application. Our processes would also weed out those who may have misguidedly chosen the path of Management. What would emerge at the end of a two-year process is an eclectic bouquet with each flower having its own valuable fragrance.

The Results are seen in the good track record of MDPs which we have been conducting for many years. Our original contribution in training industry for Process Orientation - the future of industry structure - has been acknowledged by the Kirloskar Group. Soon it will spread to other companies also. In full time PGDM this will be seen in placements

KIAMS will bring many innovation in full-time PGDM education. To name a few:

  • Introduction of the Balanced Growth Card, a holistic evaluation of the student which focuses not only on performance outcomes but also on demonstrated effort and underlying competencies. It is an assistance tool that surfaces the underpinnings of performance, thereby helping the student to take informed decisions for corrective actions towards specific performance. The variables chosen have a career-orientation
  • Introduction of seminar credits: for bringing to the student the latest industrial practices in management, delivered by industry practitioners
  • Experiential Learning both in outbound exercises as well as during curriculum delivery
  • A process of reflection after every major event so as to learn from mistakes and correct the processes in the next cycle (akin to PDCA)
  • Adopting the CII-EXIM Business Excellence model as the vehicle to drive academic excellence.

Our PGDM campuses will operate in both Harihar and Pune. Our MDP and Consulting activity will be as strong as ever. We are happy to be one of the partners of the K-Group in their fast tracker program, and with India Adecco for their Leadership program. After the successful completion of our overseas consulting with Abdullah Hashim Co. Ltd. (Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), we are now carrying out executive coaching for a Saudi Arabian businessman.

These and many more interesting facets of KIAMS will unfold before you as you go through the other pages on our site.

I thank you for your interest in KIAMS and wish you a happy journey through our portals.

Dr. C. N. Narayana

Admission Procedure


The portals of KIAMS are open to Graduates (at least a three year bachelor's degree from a recognized university) in any discipline with an aggregate of 50 percent or more marks. Candidates appearing for the final examination for the bachelor's degree can also apply, provided they complete their degree course prior to the commencement of the PGDM Programme.

Admission Process

Admission to 2-year PGDM is based in the scores in CAT/XAT/CMAT/MAT and ATMA. The short-listed candidates will be drawn up based on CAT/XAT/CMAT/MAT and ATMA percentile, past academic records etc. They will be called for the Admission process at one of the centers – the KIAMS campuses at Harihar and Pune as well as the number of other cities across India such as New Delhi, Lucknow, Indore, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Cochin.


  • 24 hours electricity
  • Air-Conditioned Classrooms, with complete audio-visual aids built in
  • Library with contemporary collection of over 10500 books, 105 periodicals and newspapers, 35 company annual reports, collection of 860 Case studies from Harvard and other reputed sources, 550 Management CDs.
  • Computer Lab with 100 networked computers and internet facility, collection of over 130 management videos, multimedia projection system which alternates between video and computer inputs at the flick of button and much more:
  • Video Conferencing which enhance the reach of the campus globally.

Placements/Summer Internship

Placements for the 2015 class of the flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), Harihar & Pune were conducted between September 2014 and May 2015. Over 75 companies participated in the final placement process this year. Participating firms spanned diverse sectors such as Consulting, Health, Manufacturing, IT, E-commerce, Telecom, Market Research, Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Social Media, Garment and others.

Current year placements has shown good improvement in percentage of placements and marginal average salary increase viz-a-viz previous years.

Our Placement Record for the year 2013-14 has been uploaded in IIM-Ahmadabad - Indian Placement Reporting Standard (IPRS) website.

Placement Records

Till date 16 batches have passed out.

For 2014 - 15 (Batch 16):

  • Highest Salary : 7.00 lakhs per annum
  • Average Salary : 4.23 lakhs per annum
  • Median Salary : 4.06 lakhs per annum

Alumni Speak

Mr. Jacob Chandy (1999-2001 Batch) Principal Consultant SAP UK Ltd., London

Shares his experience with us about his journey @ KIAMS.

I've often wondered while at KIAMS, when going through the grind of late night surprise tests, group assignments, researching for the presentations how much they would really prepare me for the corporate life. Having been in Consulting field for most of my professional career.

Mr. Siddharth Sharma, (Batch 1999-2001) Zonal Head-Marketing, North, IndusInd Bank

Shares his learning @ KIAMS

Being in KIAMS helped me understand the various thought processes that my fellow batch mates bought into various group discussions we had during our projects & case study presentations. The diversity that was present by virtue of people coming from various streams of academics, different work experiences & being from various parts of the country opened up a reality that cannot be taught by books.

Mr. Mukunda Giri (Batch 2007-2009) Branch Head, Drishti Strategic Research Services Pvt. Ltd, Delhi.

"Work hard Play harder! - Exactly what I did for two years in KIAMS " shares his experience...

KIAMS deserves a respectful mention for my success in both professional and personal front. KIAMS has definitely a different aura which automatically creates an environment which channelizes the energy in a direction that produces 'corporate ready' managers and delivers significantly well on the promises it makes. Every minute spent in KIAMS has helped me to groom myself holistically. The institute which is inspired in its own way contributes much more than what is anticipated from any B-School. It has given me immense opportunities to explore myself and work towards becoming a better individual with every passing day. The co-curricular activities in KIAMS are so creatively crafted that one can find some or the other latent talent within and participate depending on interest to showcase and gain confidence as an end result. In academia it is at par or may be better than many prestigious B-Schools in India and a lot to this is contributed by the faculties and trainers who consistently keep envisaging new modes and methods of imparting quality education to the students.

Mr. Vikash Kumar (Batch 1999-2001) AVP, Axis Bank Ltd., Kolkata

Shares his journey at KIAMS with us !

A beautiful and historic campus at Harihar, Karnataka, classmates from many different cultures and backgrounds, lecturers with interesting insights into current best industry practice and academic thinking, an intimate class-tutor environment, a focus on individual personal development, a team-based approach to assignments so essential in business today, and multiple company projects offering the immediate opportunity to apply academic learning; all of these made the KIAMS MBA program a truly stimulating experience, and a very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development. - See more at: http://www.kiams.ac.in/KIAMSToday/?p=1644#sthash.gKLOtiaJ.dpuf

Mr. Nikhil Dhamle, (Batch 1999-2001). Vice president @ Morgan Stanley

His journey from KIAMS to begin the...!

I cannot forget and always cherish the unique exams we used to have. We had a marketing exam where our course instructor said he could ask anything from Phillip Kotler in the exam, so everyone spent the night going "cover-to-cover". The exam on the next day had three case studies with five questions each for a three-hour exam. We were stumped! When someone naively asked the instructor why he'd tricked us, he laughed and said, "At least you read the book you paid for and I got to test you on whether you really are able to apply what you read!"

Mr. Basharat Abbas (Batch 2009-2011 ) An entrepreneur in Branding and Advertising Industry

Re living journey of KIAMS 2011 through eyes of...!

I joined KIAMS because of the Brand value and integrity of Kirloskar's The two years at KIAMS made me strong enough to take on any role in Marketing. Besides the great learning environment of KIAMS, wonderful faculty, Prayers of my parents and my passion for Marketing is helping me to do well in my field! Trust me; it is a lifetime experience to graduate from KIAMS. The curriculum is perfectly designed as per the industry requirement accompanied by perfect environment and wonderful people. After my PGDM, I can sense a great change in myself; I am more determined and mature now. It helped me to be more confident in life and understand the value of "TIME". KIAMS Education is all about creating entrepreneurs; it has helped me to think beyond the boundaries. Definitely! KIAMS PGDM is a special course. This course is not just meant for the sake of management degree, the aim is to create the practitioners, the future managers. The education at KIAMS brings both horizontal and vertical change in your thinking, it makes you think BIG!

Mr. Dheeraj Mohan, Alumnus (2000- 2002) Assistant Vice-President (AVP) Edelweiss

"Learning is an art of communication" says...!

Typically, most of my day is spent meeting various cross-functional teams to discuss issues relating to a product's launch, penetration or creating solutions for the client. Apart from this, my time is also spent reviewing work done by my team. Also, since we operate in a regulator environment, it is essential to keep abreast of changes in the environment. Being a capital market player, we attend various research meetings to discuss and learn market developments.

Ms. Archita Panda, (Batch 2002-2004) Kirloskar Oil Engine Senior Manager

Ms. Panda has had a diverse and interesting career that has pulled her in various directions and presented her with countless opportunities. She graduated from KIAMS in 2004, before joining Kirloskar Oil Engine as a Senior Manager from 2004 to 2006; she then joined HSBC working in the HR analytic team before being promoted to a senior HR role. Juggling that with her role at KIAMS and a young family, it has been an all go for Ms. Panda it seems.

Mr. Jitender Singh, (Batch 2002-2004) Brand Head Decathlon Sports India

His KIAMS experience helps him to face corporate pressures

"A B-School like KIAMS teaches you how to work under pressure, the essentials of team work, how to make a presentation and the like; but when one actually steps out into the corporate world, what matters is how much a person is able to modify and adapt to the environment. The pressure that a college puts on students is to deliver in the tests, presentations and academic results, while the corporate world has pressures like deadlines, delivery and performance.

Ms. Saumya Manglik, (Batch 2002-2004)

KIAMS alum Ms. Saumya Manglik talks about what it takes for a woman to establish her name in Human Resources...!

Looking back on the time gone by since her days at KIAMS, Ms. Manglik says, "It has been an amazing journey. I was handling the vertical for Human Resources for Future group. I was with them for 4 years and got promotions over the last seven years. Her achievements are noteworthy, especially when you consider her short stint with Larvij International in Moscow. "It was just a few months after my college and before starting my placement with Future Group. I had participated in a few management competitions and their COO of Larvij International invited me to Moscow to work on some projects with them," she says modestly.


Harihar Campus

Name : Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies
Location : Harihar Campus
City : Harihar
State : Karnataka
Country : India
Contact No : (08192) 241269, 241483, 241486, Fax: (08192) 241270
Contact Email : admissions@kiams.ac.in
Website : www.kiams.ac.in   
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