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Maejo University
Year Founded : 1934
Contact No : 66-5387-3000
Website : www.mju.ac.th

Maejo University (MJU) was established in 1934 as the Northern Agricultural Teachers Training School under the Ministry of Education and was later transferred under the Ministry of Agriculture to become the Kasetsart Preparatory School. After a year, it developed  into the Maejo Agricultural School to serve as a research station of Kasetsart University (KU).  In 1956, Maejo was renamed Chiang Mai College of Agriculture, making it the first certificate-granting agricultural college under the Ministry of Education. In the year 1996 Maejo University was officially given approval by the national parliament as a full-fledged university, both in title and in essence.


The university is one of the 26 state universities under the Commission on Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. The main aim of the university is to give all vocational school graduates greater opportunity to attain higher study in practical agriculture. Maejo University is a degree-granting institute that attempts to educate students in practical agriculture, aiming to prepare them for agricultural pursuits.  MJU strives to nurture and develop its graduates to become technically competent besides being culturally and scholarly matured thereby, able to contribute to the future of the country. 


Campuses of Maejo University -


Maejo University is located in Chiang Mai, considered the capital of the northern region of Thailand. It has three campuses which includes


  • Phrae Campus
  • Chumporn Campus
  • Wat Wiwek Campus.


Facilities at Maejo University -


  • Library
  • Classrooms
  • Accommodation
  • Cafeteria
  • Health Center


Faculties at Maejo University -


  • Faculty of Agricultural Business
  • Faculty of Agricultural Production
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Engineering and Agro-Industry
Name : Maejo University
Location : Bang Khen, Nong Han
City : Chiangmai
Country : Thailand
Contact No : 66-5387-3000
Website : www.mju.ac.th   
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