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Speed and reach of media and communication has made rapid strides in the recent years. TV channels, FM radio stations, websites, newspapers, colourful magazines and journals are being launched by the week. Today if you are in research, knowledge process outsourcing or fact spinning, you can contribute to the society.

Intelligent information also means having access to people at important positions in the market and scope for exciting placement opportunities. Media is the pivot that helps disseminate important information. The ever burgeoning media - be it print, radio, TV, films and the Internet - is today constantly on the lookout for trained professionals to fill in the market slots. How do students perform in their jobs, a lot depends on the kind of training they receive during their professional studies. Market is also facing a crunch of trainers.

It was to meet the growing needs of the industry that top-notch professionals from various sections of the media got together to establish MassCoMedia, a new age-mass communication education concept. The group comprises leading publishing practitioners of the country, which includes editor and publishing director of Delhi Press group that publishes a well-known chain of illustrated magazines, one of the most accomplished newspaper management guru, a former special correspondent of a first-rate English daily and a professor of mass communication from a NAAC-accredited UGC University, and other celebrated public figures and committed professionals.

Mission & Vision MassCoMedia envisions transforming the student into a real professional in one chosen field of media. With resources of technology and first-grade training facilities on offer, our endeavour is to make it among the very best communication schools in the subcontinent.

In a democratic set-up like India it is the Fourth Estate - the Media - that is supposed to shoulder the responsibilities of a watchdog. The students of MassCoMedia with their expertise and focus, get multi-disciplinary approach, should be able to carry forward the challenges of presenting the facts before the world objectively, intelligently and without harming the social fabric of the society.

Why choose MassCoMedia...

In the multitude of career options, the media and entertainment industry promises never-before prospects, excitement of being there, good earnings and professional contentment. Even as technical and financial resources grow exponentially, a huge shortfall of trained personnel is projected in the media world. It is to meet the market requirements that influential brains in media and education that created MassCoMedia, a new-age communication education concept. It's a brand new mass media institute with comprehensive and specialized courses ranging from print media, radio and television, both production and journalism, to films, the Internet, animation, special effects, gaming and other allied areas like advertising, corporate PR and event management.

The first nodal institute located in Noida in the National Capital Region, is a 450-student facility with two complete industry-standard TV studios, non-linear editing suites, radio studio, photography studio, e-classrooms and provision for commercial content development. In the next phase, a similar set up is being established in Greater Noida with world class studios and a modern all-amenities hostel. More affiliates are planned across the country and even overseas.

MassCoMedia has a tie-up with international and Indian universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in mass communication and broadcast journalism. Deakin University in Australia allows the student to study in India and get a credit transfer facility to finish the degree there. An Indian degree from a UGC recognized university is also within the purview of the student. The courses, ranging from three months to three years, have been designed to meet the requirements of the industry. Hands-on training at MassCoMedia empowers students to create professional content right from the beginning so that, when they go for placements, they are aware of the work culture and industry expectations.


  • When operating at full strength, the Institute has facilities for a total of 700 students.
  • The students will study in well-equipped and furnished classrooms and e-corridors will provide access to the project work completed by students.
  • The entire facility is air-conditioned.
  • 280 students will study in e-classrooms in which they will work with computers.
  • Students will be provided with smart cards to mark attendance.
  • Students will have the use of a wireless networked library and seminar room.
  • TRAIX technology is available in a 4-CAM TV studio.
  • Masscomedia has a 14-station non-linear editing suite with FCP. All these are networked on a Cisco fibre-optics backbone.
  • The photo studio is of a professional standard and has an all-digital workflow.
  • The Institute has an outdoor TV studio and stage for events.
  • File servers of 10TB will store and archive video, animation and graphic content created by students.
  • The Institute has a specialized animation, graphics and video graphics lab.
  • All students will get an e-portfolio as soon as they are admitted to MassCoMedia. These can be kept at the Institute indefinitely on payment of a small fee. Students can add to their portfolios (for example, they can place their project work in them) and access them from anywhere in the world. The portfolios can then be used in placement drives.
  • Where this is possible, the PR department of the Institute will help students obtain project work on commercial terms. This commercial work may be for a MassCoMedia project.
  • PG facilities near the MassCoMedia Noida campus will be arranged for students at an extra cost.


Courses offered by Massco Media - MM - Noida All Courses 

B.Sc. Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism

Category: Mass Communication Major

Degree: B.Sc.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 3 Years


Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media and electronic media. Career in journalism is a prestigious profession as well as highly paid. The.. Read more..

M.Sc. Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism

Category: Communication Studies

Degree: M.Sc.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 2 Years


Mass Communication is institutionalised and source-specific. It functions through well-organised professionals and has an ever-increasing interface. To become a journalist or media personality one should.. Read more..

Master Program in TV Production Direction & Broadcast Journalism

Category: Media Science

Degree: M.Sc.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 1 Year


This electronic media-specific course aims at providing expertise in production of television programs and journalistic reporting. The course lays stress on pre-production, ideation, research,.. Read more..

Diploma in Television Production

Category: Others

Degree: Diploma

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 1 Year


This is an electronic media-specific program aimed at providing skills in TV production. The course lays stress on technical aspects of pre-production, production and the entire gamut of post-production.. Read more..

Master Program in Advertising, PR and Marketing

Category: other Masters course

Degree: M.Sc.

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 1 Year


An exhaustive program aimed at preparing the student for the advertising and PR industry. The course prepares the student for business development, client servicing, media planning, budgeting, logistics,.. Read more..

Name : Massco Media - MM - Noida
Location : A 94-3, Sector 58
City : Noida
State : Delhi
Country : India
Contact No : 0120 - 2519000, 09954868880, 09958498880
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