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Nanyang Technological University
Contact No : +65 67911744
Email : nbsmba@ntu.edu.sg
Website : www.ntu.edu.sg

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has a distinguished lineage with roots that go back to 1955, when Nanyang University (Nantah), the first Chinese-language University in Southeast Asia, was set up with donations from people of all walks of life. Nanyang University was built on land donated by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, a well-known clan association.

Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI) was established on the same campus in 1981 with government funding to educate practice-oriented engineers for the burgeoning Singapore economy. In 1991, NTI became Nanyang Technological University with the absorption of the National Institute of Education. The alumni rolls of the former Nanyang University were transferred to NTU in 1996.

In April 2006, NTU was corporatised. Autonomy brings about increased flexibility and new opportunities, allowing NTU to draw on its strengths to enhance global education and research, and to soar to greater heights on the world stage.

Some rankings that show their global standing :-

  • 2004: NTU was ranked 50th globally and 7th in Asia by The Times Higher Education Supplement in a ranking of 200 best universities worldwide.
  • 2005: NTU was ranked 48th globally by The Times Higher Education Supplement in a ranking of the world's best universities and placed 26th among technology universities.
  • 2006: NTU advanced 11 positions to 15th place in the global league of technology universities, according to the Times Higher Education Supplement.
  • 2007: NTU was ranked among the top 25 technology universities in the world by the Times Higher Education Supplement.

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Name : Nanyang Technological University
Location : 50, Nanyang Avenue
Country : Singapore
Contact No : +65 67911744
Contact Email : nbsmba@ntu.edu.sg
Website : www.ntu.edu.sg   
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