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Sridhara Murthy (DIRECTOR)On the eve of every academic season, I cannot help but think about introducing new pedagogies and becoming innovated in content and teaching/learning methods. Though this is easier said than done, we never fail to make our best efforts.The role of academic environment and the experiences of the faculty are critical aspects in management education. Every management school grooms students either to manage organizations or become entrepreneurs. There is nothing like a typical organization. Each organization has a certain character, size and its own challenges. You cannot groom students in a less challenging environment and ask them to work in a high-octane atmosphere.

The point is, there is a need for reviewing the curriculum on a continual basis. The training provided must help students acquire relevant knowledge, reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and move up the learning curve. Our task also includes instilling confidence in them by helping them convert their weaknesses into strengths and providing necessary knowledge and exposure to help them understand the external environment.

At National School of Business, our teaching methods and curriculum are constantly reviewed, changed and modified so as to keep pace with the dynamic business environment. In addition, we prepare our students to face the world with confidence by imbuing them with positive character, the readiness to accept challenges and a willingness to strive for excellence. We believe, that’s the only way to bring meaning to management education.

At NSB, every minute is precious. Everyone strives to deliver our promise to make you more valuable.

Sridhara Murthy

  • Location & Infrastructure

    Being in close proximity to major corporates, ranging from information technology to consumer product companies to retail malls, we give an added advantage of integrating classroom knowledge with practical experience.

  • Rating & Rankings


    • Ranked 24th among top B-school brands in India (Business Barons, September 2013)
    • Rated A+ and 5th best in South India by Business and Management Chronicle
    • 6th best in South India | 7th best in India for placement | 21st best in India by Silicon India (Non IIMs) B School Survey


    • Rated A++ by Pioneer Newspaper
    • 9th best in South India by Bhaskar Lakshya
    • 23rd best in India by Just Careers
    • 4th best for return-on-investment in South India by Digital Mailers
    • 5th best for highest salary in South India by Digital Mailers
    • 14th best for return-on-investment in India by Digital Mailers
  • Rs. 120 lakh worth scholarships offered during 2013
  • MBA from The University of Mysore-Rated A+ by NAAC and is identified as an “Institution of Excellence” by the Government of India.
  • Academic Partnership with top-Ranked International B-Schools * ESC-Pau, France *Universidad de Deusto - San Sebastian
  • The Exchange Program
    The only B-School where ALL interested students were sent to FREE Exchange Program in Europe. Exchange opportunities with foreign universities are built into our MBA program. They give students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge base and learn in a multicultural environment.
  • Governing CouncilNational School of Business is pleased to have world class academicians and industry practitioners from across the world on its Governing Council. They bring wide-ranging experience and expertise into NSB’s education system.
  • Diverse Student Body from India and Abroad
    promotes learning in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Distinguished Faculty
    We at National School of Business are a great team of innovative, collaborative, seriously fun loving, research oriented individuals. We strive to make classes enriching, interesting and result-oriented.
  • Global Mindset Trail
    MBA is the beginning of an exciting life adventure. We want you to make the most of it by understanding what happens in best B-schools across the globe. This study tour is intended to be a life-changing business and personal experience for participants.
  • Adventure Learning
    Experiential learning is the process of learning from experience. It is learning through reflection on doing. Experiential learning is related to other forms of experience-based learning such as experiential education, action learning, adventure learning and cooperative learning. Though, some of these forms of learning have relation with each other, they also have differences among them. In business schools, internship and job shadowing opportunities are some examples of experiential learning.
  • Graduate Assistantships
    We provide opportunities for students to work on projects of reputed companies under graduate assistantship program. Graduate assistantships provide hands on work experience and facilitate earning while learning. GAs are recruited to assist faculty members in teaching and research.
  • Student Consulting
    In consulting projects, a group of students act as consultants to solve real-time business problems in an organization. Unlike in internships, students in consulting projects are required to have good business acumen and skills in consulting, analytical and research skills. Students work together for about 8-10 weeks that culminates in a final presentation. It’s the best credential a student seeking employment can have.
  • Industrial Visits
    Industrial visits are an integral part of our program. They are aimed to giving students an opportunity to understand the working environment, processes and business practices of an organization. NSB, thanks to its extensive network with industries and business houses, organizes industrial visits on a regular basis to reputed multinational and Indian companies.
  • Personality Development
    Personality development programmes are conducted to build and individual’s skill sets. They are also aimed at increasing the confidence level of an individual. The personality development programmes at National School of Business run concurrently with the main program.

    National School of Business focuses on building a person’s communication skills and emotional strength. They instill in our students confidence required for facing the world outside. They also includes building leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. NSB has made personality development and integral part of its program.

    While regular training sharpens and deepens a student’s intelligence, personality development builds their inner strength. National School of Business organizes a series of motivational talks by experts and classes to improve communication skills.

    NSB’s programs improve every aspect of a student’s personal, business and spiritual life. They enhance an individual’s level of commitment to society, inculcate ethical values, improve interpersonal skills and develop a positive attitude. NSB has tied up reputed trainers to conduct its personality development programmes.

  • Additional Certifications
    These courses are aimed at equipping students in general and specific areas of interest for better corporate careers. Our additional certificate courses are aimed at enhancing skill sets and building competencies.
  • Membership to ET Club
    All students of National School of Business are provided with a complimentary copy of Economic Times when the classes are in session. This helps students to be updated with developments in areas of Economics and Business on day-to-day basis. It also helps students prepare for the everyday “Business News” event at the college. Membership to ET club allows students to participate in business quizzes, seminars and lectures conducted by the Economic Times.


Courses offered by National School of Business - Bangalore All Courses 


Business Administration and Management

Category: Management

Degree: PGPM + MBA

Mode: Full Time

Medium: Campus

Duration: 2 Years


National School of Business offers MBA program of The University of Mysore (Rated A+ by NAAC and Identified as an Institution of Excellence by the Government of India). This is in addition to.. Read more..

Name : National School of Business - Bangalore
Location : #33, 22nd Main,1st Cross
2nd Phase J P Nagar
City : Bangalore
State : Karnataka
Country : India
Contact Name : Mr.Sridhara Murthy
Contact No : 080- 30251440-41, 093792 44007/ 093792 44004
Contact Email :
Website : 

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