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PalIndia Computer Education
Affiliation : Pal
Contact No : 022 - 6528 0808
Email : headoffice@palindia.in
Website : www.palindia.in
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Pal India Computer Education, Dadar offers UGC recognized graduation & post graduation programs and provide custom made courses to best suit the requirements that enrich the learning experience and strive to avoid unnecessary confusions and misguidance, as they are goal-oriented in gradually increasing computer literacy. PalIndia ensures against unjustified stretching of sessions and also promises not to abandon in the middle of nowhere, making sure to leave with completely benefited and satisfied.


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ADCHN (Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking)
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Category : Hardware and Networking
Degree : Diploma
Mode : Full Time
Medium : Campus
Level : Diploma

Knowing the basic components of computer and their hierarchy, finer aspects of troubleshooting, operating systems and their applications, creating LAN connections and their troubleshooting, etc., helps you get absorbed in the market as a thorough hardware and networking professionals like Hardware and Networking Engineers, Tech. Support Executives, Network and Security Designers, etc. Hardware (A+) Introduction to Parts & Ports, Assembling & Disassembling Computer, Skeletal Check, Loading OS, Loading Applications, System Maintenance, Troubleshooting Networking (N+) Networking Fundamentals, Transmission Media, Topologies, Types of Cabling & Connectors, Types of Networks, OSI Model, Networking Devices, TCP/IP Protocol Stack, IP Addressing, Sub-Netting/Super-Netting, Sharing Data/Printer/Internet Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) 70-270: Win XP Professional 70-290: Win 2k3 Server Environment 70-291: Implementing Win 2k3 Server N/w Infra. 70-293: Planning Win 2k3 Server N/w Infra. 70-294: Planning Win 2k3 Server ADS Infra. 70-297: Designing Win 2k3 Server ADS and N/w Infra. 70-298: Designing Win 2k3 Server Security Linux :- Basics Commands & Essentials System Administration Networking & Security Administration Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 640-802: ICND 1 640-802: ICND 2

ADSE (Advance Diploma in Software Engineering)
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Category : Software Engineering
Degree : Diploma
Mode : Full Time
Medium : Campus
Level : Diploma

This course trains you for the programming aspects of software development, generally required for, academics, making customized software, web based applications, creating database designs and enterprise applications over a heterogeneous network. You will learn programming techniques, project management, database design, software development, web application development, architecture framework, and lot more. C Programming :- Introduction to Programming, Datatypes Variables & Constants, Operators & Expressions, Input/Output, Looping & Branching, Array, Strings, Functions, Pointers, Structures & Unions, File Handling C++ :- Principle of Object Oriented Programming, Classes & Objects, Constructors & Destructors, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulations, Templates, Exception Handling Java & Adv. Java :- Introduction, Classes, Objects and it’s Features, Packages & Interface, Exception Handling & Multithreading, Strings & input/Output, Java Applets, Swings, JDBC, RMI, Servlet, JSP/JSP Beans, EJB .Net Technologies :- VB.Net, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, & C# (optional) MS-SQL :- Learning & Implementing RDBMS & OORDBMS, SQL Statements, Creating Tables, Inputting Values, Manipulating Data, Creating Views, PL/SQL, Triggers

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Head Office

Name : PalIndia Computer Education
Location : 30-B, 3rd Floor, Balaji Bldg No.1, Madhav Wadi
M.M.G.S. Marg Opp. Dadar(E) Rly. Stn., Nr. Kailash Lassi Dadar(E)
City : Mumbai
State : Maharashtra
Country : India
Contact No : 022 - 6528 0808
Contact Email : headoffice@palindia.in
Website : www.palindia.in