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S P Jain Center Of Management
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S P Jain Center Of Management
S P Jain's history reflects back to 1981 when its first sister campus was established in Mumbai, India. This had the unique distinction of being inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Hon. Margaret Thatcher. Since its inception the school has been highly ranked for its MBA Programs, as amongst the top 10 Business Schools in India.
In 2004, S P Jain decided to focus on Global Learning. With this objective, S P Jain set up its first international campus in Dubai. S P Jain has been ranked No.1 in UAE in a Brand Perception Audit conducted by A C Nielsen in 2008.
Within a short span it carved a unique name for itself for quality Management Education. And In 2005, S P Jain was invited by the Singapore Government to establish a campus in Singapore. S P Jain continued its legacy in Management Education and set up its Singapore campus in 2006. S P Jain is one of a select few business schools to be accorded with the elite status of 'Institute of Higher Learning', thereby giving it full and unrestricted autonomy with regards to its operations.
Continuing from its successful track record for MBA Programs, S P Jain took a step forward and launched its first Global BBA Program in 2010. This was with the focus of imparting complete education and inculcating a global mindset at an undergraduate level.
A new campus is now being established in Sydney, Australia - which would be functional for students in 2012.
S P Jain has thus, through contemporary pedagogy and industry relevant curriculum, moved from strength to strength, to emerge as one of the premier Global business schools
S P Jain has formed strategic partnerships with:
Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, Sydney - Australia
The Australian Graduate School of Business is Australia's top ranked Business School and ranked 36 in the Financial Times world rankings
Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto - Canada
The Schulich School of Business is ranked # 1 in Canada by The Economist, Wall Street Journal and Forbes and #15 globally by The Economist
The Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK - 2009
The Department of Education and Training, New South Wales, Australia - 2010
Accorded with the status of 'Institution of Higher Learning' since 2006 - by the Ministry of Education, Singapore
Ranked No. 1 in UAE in 2008 - by A C Nielsen
Sister Campus in Mumbai
Ranked No. 2 among Private B Schools in India in 2008 - by Livemint
A very pleasant and welcoming environment prevails at the Singapore campus. The campus comprises several renovated heritage buildings spread over seven acres; and tiered classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment.
The sprawling campus set amidst lush greenery and foliage is located close to downtown Singapore. The campus is easily accessible by road, with a bus stop just outside the campus. It is in close proximity to other local schools, medical facilities and hospitals, 24-hour food outlets like 7 x 11 and hypermarkets; as well as recreational, shopping and corporate centers.
The various buildings on the campus house classrooms, learning centers, library and several other facilities. A cafeteria offering a variety of Indian and International cuisine caters to the food requirements of the student community. After classes, students have the option to refresh and rejuvenate by exercising at the in-house gym, indulging in various games such as basketball and table tennis or simply take long walks around the campus or on the Mt. Faber Sky Walk located just outside the campus.
The home of the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush Bay continues to offer a world-class destination in the heart of the harbor city of Sydney. Apart from its ultra-modern sports venues, Sydney Olympic Park is set in extensive and beautiful parklands.
The precinct is already home to a number of education providers such as the Australian College of Physical Education, the NSW Institute of Sport and Sport Knowledge Australia and is undergoing negotiations to establish additional facilities to provide a range of life long learning opportunities. It is easily accessible as it lies in the center of Sydney's road and rail networks, facilitating bus, coach or train travel.
The campus will be ready for its first cohort of students transferring from Singapore to Sydney in 2012. The campus is being designed to incorporate modern and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a rich learning experience for the students. Once completed, the campus will be in close proximity to the waterfront. It will be surrounded by lush greenery housing playgrounds, picnic and BBQ facilities, water features and picturesque views of the scenic parklands.
You @ S P Jain
As a participant of this exhilarating twin city global BBA program, you will enjoy an incomparable learning experience that transcends geographical barriers to give you a global perspective. The rigorous courses will develop your reasoning and analytical skills while balancing theory and practice through a case study approach.
Besides academia, you will be provided with several opportunities that will take you beyond the classroom for an impeccable non-academic learning experience. Whether it is cycling or swimming, playing basketball or football, indulging in adventure sports such as mountain climbing or skydiving, we offer you the best of outside-the-class experience. Moreover, living in two vibrant, cosmopolitan cities like Singapore and Sydney will allow you to explore the beautiful landscapes and colourful contrasts that bring these places to life. You will have a chance to explore the surrounding regions on your own as well, as through organized program activities.
Beyond The Classroom
We at S P Jain are committed to providing students with a superior college experience through various leadership opportunities, participation in clubs and organizations as well as social and cultural activities throughout the four-year stay in both campuses. Since you will be studying amidst an intellectually diverse peer group, we believe that the best way to contribute to the S P Jain community is by getting involved.
The focus of the Global BBA Program is to develop well-educated young graduates equipped with the right knowledge and skills combined with impressive personalities and high character. To this end, a substantial portion of the education is done outside conventional classrooms and students are required to do a socially-oriented project through our in-house Philanthropy Academy.
Program Overview
After a successful track record of its MBA Programs, one of Asia's leading business schools, now launches its Global BBA program. This is a uniquely crafted four year program, having a 2 + 2 Twin City Model - commencing the first two years in Singapore, followed by two years in Sydney. The twin city model exposes a student firsthand to the nuances of the local business environment and culture, thus leading to 'experiential' learning.
The Program focuses on Global Management and Complete Education, i.e., apart from the academic rigor of the program, there is emphasis on personal effectiveness, thereby leading to holistic education.
A nurturing environment is created by retaining small classroom sizes of 50 each and thereby enhancing 'faculty to student' exposure.
The Program is ably led by the stalwarts - Dr. Dawn Dekle, Dean - Global BBA and Dr. Indu Shahani, Chair - International Advisement.
At the end of the program, S P Jain's multinational Corporate Relations offices assist its students to seek career opportunities. However, it's not just the first job which is important; hence, the program prepares the student for life itself!
Highlights of the Program
The Global BBA Program is ably led by the stalwarts: Dr. Dawn Dekle, Dean - Global BBA and Dr. Indu Shahani, Chair - International Advisement
Dr. Dawn has completed her PhD from Dartmouth College, USA and J.D., Law from Stanford University, USA. She has been the Head of the Leadership Center with McKinsey & Company. She has been a faculty member at Singapore Management University (SMU). At SMU, she was awarded the Most Inspirational Teacher in 2005 and Most Dedicated Teacher in 2002.
Dr. Indu Shahani is the Honourable Sheriff of Mumbai. She is the Vice President of International Baccalaureate Organization, on their Global Board based in Geneva. She is the Principal of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics and holds Directorship with Indian Oil Corporation, Bajaj Electricals, Eureka Forbes Limited, to name a few. A visionary leader, Dr. Indu Shahani has been acknowledged worldwide for her significant contribution to value based education.
The BBA Program is a 4 year program - commencing the first two years in Singapore followed by 2 years in Sydney.
Living and studying in different cities is a unique and life-changing experience that helps a student grow academically, personally and professionally.
The unique feature of the S P Jain global program is its twin city model where a student gets an opportunity to study and gain exposure in these two metropolitan cities of the world - Singapore: the gateway to Asia; and Sydney: the educational & financial hub of Australia.
Such a model teaches the students to appreciate and accept different markets, different business environments, different cost structures and diverse cultures. Moreover, such an experience prepares students to adapt to unfamiliar environments, enables them to learn from different teaching styles and most importantly challenges them to leave their comfort zone.
The Global BBA Program has been thoughtfully designed keeping in purview the 'complete' development of an individual. Academics are definitely important, and S P Jain's highly regarded international professors would ensure that.
However, in today's globalized world, academics alone do not suffice. To shine out in a crowd and emerge as a winner, one needs to be more personally effective. So, the program comprises a well-structured set of activities that aim to inculcate the right attitude, a critical bent of thinking, impactful public speaking, cross-cultural appreciation, honing one's leadership qualities and more.
It's a marriage of academics and beyond-the-classroom learning, encouraging an individual to participate in a host of training programs, workshops and the like.
The classes at S P Jain are small sized with around 50 students in each class. The low 'student to faculty' ratio enhances the quality of educational experience and ensures personalized attention to each student. Moreover, the interactive pedagogy in small classes facilitates discussions and is designed to augment individual skills and interests and develop each student's distinctive abilities.
S P Jain is the only Indian institute to be internationally accredited by the Department of Education and Training, New South Wales, Australia. The degree at the end of the program would be an Australian degree, similar to the degree given by other Australian universities. This would greatly enhance the international acceptance of the degree, thereby giving impetus to global careers and higher studies.
Eligibility & Requirements
Academic Requirements
Applicants will be considered for admission to the first year of the course who meet the general requirements in one of the following categories
  • Successful completion of the All India Senior School Certification Examination (CBSE) with overall grade in best 4 academic subjects where A1=5, A2=4.5, B1=3.5, B2=3.0, C1=2.0, C2=1.5, D1=1, D2=0.5.
  • An Indian applicant would be expected to have an average of at least 60% in the India School Certificate (ISC) Year 12 exam or the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) from the Indian State Boards.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma with not fewer than 34 points gained through the study of at least six subjects, three of which should be at the Higher Level.
English Language Requirements
All students would be expected to demonstrate an acceptable proficiency in English and tender evidence of this. Acceptable minimum scores are as follows
  1. TOEFL PBT 575
  2. TOEFL CBT 230
  3. TOEFL IBT 85
  4. IELTS 6 (With no band less than 5.5 in any component)
Admission Guidelines
Students need to have appeared or should be appearing for the Std 12/IB exam (as mentioned in the Eligibility criteria above)
It is not necessary to have your Std 12 result in hand at the time of application. We strongly suggest students apply before their year 12 Results are in hand, as this would enable us to put you through the evaluation process sooner.
It is mandatory for all students to take S P Jain's aptitude test. Students will not be short listed for evaluations until and unless they have a score on record. Students can apply before taking the aptitude test.
The admissions team will shortlist applications based on past academic performance, English Language proficiency, aptitude test score and other achievements. Short listed students would then be required to come to one of or selection centers for further evaluation. The evaluation consists of Group Discussion, Essay/Case Study and a Personal Interview. The centers are Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai.
Students may apply before taking the IELTS/TOEFL.
A student could attend the evaluations before his/her Std 12/IB Results are declared and/or before he/she submits an IELTS/TOEFL score. However, a student must send S P Jain the Std 12/IB and/or IELTS/TOEFL Results latest by July 16, 2010. The final decision to offer admission to a student would be taken on receipt of these scores, taking into consideration the entire profile of the student.
A student needs to submit only one application. In fact, duplication of applications may lead to a student's form/admission being disqualified.
All students must mandatorily submit one reference letter (additional letters are optional). These may be submitted at the time of application or at a later date on or before July 16, 2010. The recommender may be a school or college principal or professor or an education counsellor. Reference letters from friends, relatives, family members etc will NOT be accepted. Click here to download the prescribed format for the reference letter. These may be submitted in hardcopy ONLY and need to be mailed/couriered to S P Jain's office either in Mumbai, Dubai or Singapore. Pls mention "REFERENCE FORM - Application No. or Student name" on the top of the envelope.
Students should also carefully read through the FAQ's Section on the website for further clarity. Please carefully read the procedures and follow the steps. Students may call S P Jain if instructions are not clear or if a student has a unique issue.