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Bachelors of Design - Industrial Design from Avantika University

Published On: 06 Mar 2018 | Last Updated On: 28 Mar 2018

As a human-centered activity, as a cultural and societal activity, and as an experimental and innovative process, the Design program at Avantika enable learners to look at the design process with multiple lenses. The student's will not only create concepts of creations, but will also prototype them in reality to prove that they actually work. This will be the key differentiator of learning Design at Avantika. This process will witness a fusion of design, technology, and entrepreneurship to create new concepts, new products, new interactive spaces, new services, new experiences, new communication channels, new systems, new ways of growing and creating businesses, along with novel perspectives to look at the future.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is a unique program centered on creating delight through good design. The learner starts with an observed need or an idea which is transformed through form, structure, color, material, texture, environment, and detailing to a digital and physical prototype. The outcome could be a product, an interaction, a space, or an experience which creates sustainable value and evokes a positive emotional response for the intended user.

Product Design

  • Ergonomics - 22 Credits
  • Advance Manufacturing Process-3 Credits
  • Technically Simple Project-5 Credits
  • Research and Faculty Apprenticeship-2 Credits
  • Design inspired by Nature-4 Credits
  • Design for Sensorial Experience-4 Credits

Space Design

  • Ergonomics - 23 Credits
  • Tensile Structures and Temporary Spaces- 4 Credits
  • Functionally Simple Space Design- 5 Credits
  • Products for Spaces- 3 Credits
  • Research and Faculty Apprenticeship- 2 Credits
  • Nature Inspired Spaces- 4 Credits
  • Spaces for Sensorial Experiences- 4 Credits

About Avantika University

Avantika is India’s first Design Centered University, driven by the spirit of Design Thinking. Avantika is mentored by Dr. Sanjay Dhande, Former Director of IIT Kanpur, an eminent educationist, and a visionary institution builder. Based in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, the objective is to nurture and cultivate young minds that will function as informed citizens.

The value-driven, project-based education framework is developed by a team of passionate design and engineering professionals and academicians.  Avantika provides a unique academic model which blends Design, Technology, and Economics disciplines. The university is poised to create a unique learning

The Gurukul way of learning was far remote from the civilization so as to allow them to function independently.  India's rich cultural heritage is an immaculate amalgamation of various practices, refined over the course of 5000 years. Education is the core resource to build a stable and prosperous society, as it was perceived in ancient India.

They were thus instrumental in laying the foundation of Indian culture and its sustenance throughout the ages. Their robust curriculum focused on the all-round development of students, stressing on molding their physical, critical, creative and analytical abilities.

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