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Standardized Admission Tests to Study Abroad at a Glance

If you are applying for undergraduate or graduate programs in study abroad, you may required to attend one English Language Test and one standardized Test. There are various standardized tests which a student can take as per the requirements of the course or line of study.  However, depending on the college/course you choose, you may not need to attend any standardized test; but you would still be required to provide one language test score at the time of admission. Here’s a quick guide to help you to decide which admission test is more relevant to you, the kind of test pattern...

What is SAT?

The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test, administered by the College Board, that lets students show colleges what they know and how well they can apply that knowledge. Each year, more than 2 million students in 175 countries and territories take the SAT, and most colleges and universities in the U.S. use the SAT to make admission decisions. In fact, many universities in the U.S. and other countries have used the SAT for more than 80 years as a component of undergraduate university applications. Used with academic performance/high school transcripts, SAT scores allow colleges to...

What are SAT Subject Tests?

Subject Tests are hour-long, content-based tests that allow students to showcase achievement in specific subject areas where they excel. Using SAT Subject Tests, students can differentiate themselves in the college admission process or send a strong message regarding their readiness to study specific majors or programs in college. In conjunction with other admission credentials (their high school record, SAT scores, teacher recommendations, etc.), Subject Tests provide a more complete picture of a student’s academic background and interests to a college admissions officer.   ...

Paper Pattern for SAT

The SAT tests skills taught in high school classrooms: reading, writing and math. A student’s knowledge and skills in these subjects are important for success in college and beyond. • The critical reading section includes reading passages and sentence completions. • The writing section includes a short essay and multiple-choice questions on identifying errors and improving grammar and usage. • The mathematics section includes topics like arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. The SAT is a fairly long exam – 3 hours and...

Approaches and reminders on how to do well on the SAT Subject tests

The College Board, makers of the SAT, offer many high-quality resources to help students prepare for the SAT. Students should visit http://sat.collegeboard.org/practice/ for more information on the tools listed below. Free resources and tools by the College Boardinclude Question of the Day, a full-length practice test, Answers Imagined and Skills Insight TM. The College Board has also partnered with the Khan Academy ( www.khanacademy.org ) to provide free practice resources to students across the world. The Khan Academy website has video tutorials, practice questions and tips to help...

Top three mobile apps to help you prepare for higher education tests

If you are a student preparing for your higher education then you will need to prepare for one out of these three major tests. GRE : If you are planning to study in USA or in any other English speaking country for your graduation or a business course you need to take the Graduate record Examinations (GRE) as a standard test. Even in India these days several B-Schools have started accepting GRE scores including top colleges like IIM Ahmedabad , IIM Bangalore , and IIT Chennai along with NIILM Centre for Management studies , TAPMI Manipal and Amrita School of Business and...


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