Earn while learn in Ireland

Ireland, a part of Europe exhibits the lowest unemployment rate. Students get plenty of opportunities for pursuing part-time jobs in Ireland while pursuing their course. They have the option to earn while learning in Ireland. Ireland offers “Sandwich courses” to its students also (a course which is a paid job placement). This helps students to earn while they learn. In Ireland, the fastest growing economy, students get work permit more easily compared to other European countries. International students pursuing a full-time program for 1 year duration in Ireland are entitled to...

Job Prospects in Ireland

Graduates from Ireland are innovators in their fields and are seen as ambassadors for excellence all around the world. Qualifications from Ireland is a passport to your success as graduates are perceived as highly distinguished by all employers. Ireland is also the home for many reputed organizations like Apple, Intel, Google and Facebook to name a few. Important economic sectors of Ireland: The key sectors of the Irish economy are services, industry and exportation. Within industry, chemicals, computer equipment and textiles are all big contributors to gross domestic product (GDP). ...


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