Applying to Study in Ireland

Studying abroad is not an easy task. It involves a lot of planning and time to get to the desired destination. The most exhaustive and important step in planning is the application procedure. While applying to Ireland, it is important that you have enough information about the university, course and your finances. The application procedure varies from one university to the other and it would be best for you to check with the admission office of that particular university. Entry requirements: Undergraduate courses: The entry requirements may vary from time to time depending on...

Ireland Student Visa

All non-EEA students planning to study in Ireland should consult either the Irish Embassy or the Consulate for details on the student visa. You could also check with the Department of Foreign affairs for the details. All students are advised to apply well in advance for the student visa as it takes six to eight weeks for the processing of visa application.   International students are welcome in Ireland to pursue a course of studies. In general, long term non-EEA students who come to Ireland or who wish to come to Ireland do so to pursue courses which are Language Courses, Further...


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