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Distance MBA vs. Online MBA

Published On: 03 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 03 Jul 2012

The part time or distance learning programs are gaining better recognition with each passing day. Many young professionals feel the need of a professional degree once they have started their careers, but also do not wish to quit their jobs. For them, pursuing a distance learning program is the best option.

Gaining an MBA degree through the distance learning programs is one of the most common courses pursued by executives today. Distance learning MBA programs also have several modes, such as, online, correspondence, weekend classes, etc. The content of the program in each mode is the same, only the method of teaching differs. Students can choose their mode of learning as per the convenience and resources available to them.

Online MBA

There are many pros and cons of pursuing an MBA degree through the online mode. Online MBA programs are designed to provide online lectures to students. It can be accessed from anywhere and it is very interactive. The online classes are just like any other classes, where the professors’ take up the course unit by unit and clarify the students’ doubts. There is a very high level of interaction between the professors and the students, maybe even better than what it is in a classroom as the student gets more individual attention.

In online programs, the whole program is conducted through the online mode including the examinations. The course material is usually e-mailed to the students. Many experts have questioned the credibility of online courses since its inception. It is a known fact that the internet is a place where a large number of posers and frauds are found and online MBA programs are no exceptions to this. It is important that the student does a thorough research about the online program before signing up for it and makes sure that it is accredited by a well-known organization.

Distance MBA

The Distance MBA programs are designed in such a way that a professional goes back to being a student few days a week. Usually, classes are conducted at centers during weekends and the examinations for the course are also conducted at these centers. This form of learning is taken up by those who believe that the best learning happens in the class rooms and have the resources to pursue this. The course materials are usually mailed to the students or can be collected from the respective centers.

Another term commonly used for distance learning is correspondence learning programs. Many universities have extension centers where these classes are conducted and the student studies to acquire an MBA degree from that particular university.

Many experts have compared and argued about which mode of learning is better. Some companies are skeptical about hiring candidates with an online MBA degree but this trend is changing. The number of takers for online programs is increasing and the credibility of these is almost equivalent to that of a full time program.

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