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How to choose the right Distance MBA colleges

Published On: 09 Aug 2014 | Last Updated On: 15 Nov 2016

Once a person has decided to go for a Distance MBA, the immediate hurdle that comes his way is how to choose the right Distance MBA College. It is no news now that India has recorded a tremendous increase in MBA offering colleges and universities in the last few years.

But the question of choosing the right college remains as confusing as it was before with the increase in the number of institutes offering regular MBA courses. There are a number of colleges offering Distance MBA programs which are sought after among working professionals who are actively seeking alternative MBA options to enhance their job prospects.

The whole process of selecting the right school for you depends on a lot of factors which could vary from person to person. So how do you choose the right Distance MBA School? Here we try to give some possible solutions to that question.


You need to start with checking the accreditation of the school and course. It is similar process is you choose to go for a regular course and check the accreditation of the school you apply to and the course. It is critically important to check the accreditation of the school offering you the distance program. Experts say that the school you choose must be accredited by the Distance Education Council (DEC) and/or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Remember, obtaining a degree from a school that is not accredited is only a waste of money and time.


Another major factor is you need to make sure that the MBA curriculum offered is the same as or similar to what’s offered on campus. Most Distance MBA programs include the same assignments, readings, research, and activities as the on campus programs offered by the same school. That’s why you should compare the Distance MBA program to the on-campus one by researching the required courses, major projects, materials, assignments, and exams for each program. You should also make sure that there are courses that relate to your career goals. Not all business schools offer Distance MBA programs with the same intensity as their on-campus counterparts.

Mode of the content delivery:

One of the issues that are raised very time there is a debate between normal MBA and Distance MBA, the discussion veers towards the content of the course and the instructional methods. Hence it is essential that you check for the course content and compare it with other distance programs. Make sure the program offered follows an updated curriculum to suit your needs. Also since you don’t go to a class room, it is also important to have a proper technology to deliver the course content. Top distance education institutes like Sikkim Manipal University thrives on videos, blogs, industry mentor chat, newsletters, small group mentoring and the like.

Course fees and other expenses:

This is again a major factor since most MBA programs are expensive but distance learning can help the student in this regard. It is comparatively easy on the pocket and with prominent universities and top management institutes offering their courses through distance mode, checking the cost factor is important.

Class schedule: The major preference for distance courses comes from professionals and entrepreneurs who can’t attend regular classes and hence it is imperative that scheduling of any online or weekend classes are important. Also it is important to check the schedule for tests and assignments which are critical in improving one’s knowledge.

Value of the course and reputation: Just doing any course might not enhance your career prospects by a great degree, so it is important to check the value of the course in question. Doing a course which is aligned to your career path will be great addition to your resume rather than doing just some course out of compulsion. Also, it is imperative to check the reputation of the college and course as there numerous fake course and colleges around luring prospective students with false claims.  

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