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Is doing an Online MBA really worth it?

Published On: 09 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 09 Jul 2012

Today, young professionals are looking for opportunities to give their career a boost and pursuing an MBA program is the most common method of doing this. But many individuals who do not wish to quit their job face the dilemma of what their next step should be. The online MBA program has come as a solution to many facing this same problem and the popularity of this program has increased tremendously since its introduction.

Initially, questions on the credibility of the online MBA program were posed and people were doubtful of the acceptance of it in the corporate world. This notion has changed with time and today there are much more takers for the online MBA program.

It is seen that the online MBA program does offer many advantages that are not found with the full time MBA program. The online mode of studying offers flexibility to the student allowing him to complete the course at the pace he is convenient with. He also has the opportunity to earn while studying and fulfill all his family responsibilities.

Along with these advantages an online MBA helps the student develop a broader perspective of the corporate world. It helps the student look at the problem at hand from a different angle. Paradoxically, the interaction level in the online MBA is higher than that seen in a class room. The one-on-one interaction level is higher in the online mode of studying.  Pursuing an online MBA allows the student to apply the classroom theories learnt at the work place ensuring better understanding of the course.

Online MBA allows the student to carry their classes with them. The student can study from any place that has an internet connection and is convenient for him. Along with this, the faculty members upload the presentations and lectures on the online portal that the students can refer to any time.

Many experts have also pointed out these advantages of pursuing an online MBA program. They have also added that many employers prefer that their employees pursue an online course which allows them to stay and contribute more towards the company’s growth.

Many reputed universities which offer full time MBA programs have also introduced part time/online MBA programs. Online MBA graduates are accepted by many more companies now and this motivates others to pursue this course.

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