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Study Tips for Distance MBA

Published On: 09 Aug 2014 | Last Updated On: 24 Nov 2016

The Distance Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses are becoming popular these days thanks to value and quality of many of the programs offered.  Several young professionals who started working immediately after graduation are now looking for means to boost their career growth with a professional degree. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs and executives in their mid-career are also looking for professional degree that gives them the cutting edge knowledge in the management field.

There is no two ways about it and a Distance MBA is different from the traditional classroom teaching where one is taught and encouraged to participate in a debate. The chief distraction of a Distance MBA seems to be the lack of physical space for you sit and listen to the lectures. But at the same time it also enables the biggest advantage of them all, studying at one’s own pace and in the comfortable setting of home.

The main objective of getting a Distance MBA is to get management education for those who do not have means to attend or time for the regular MBA classes. As stated before, this approach has a lot of benefits but at the same time, one needs to be seriously inclined and disciplined about it to do well.

So here we provide some study tips for Distance MBA students to help them better prepare themselves.

Make a study plan and stick to it: With no class room and B-School schedule to adhere to, it is easy get the study schedule all jumbled up with your own personal or professional work. What you should do at the beginning of the course is to look up at the course details and plan a schedule. You can just chalk out the areas that you need to focus on and attach a timeline to it. This will help you point out the areas that you need to cover in as many days and as also helps you chart your progress. You also need to constantly review the schedule and going behind the schedule can act as a reminder for you to stick to it.

Manage your time well: Many students who take up the Distance MBA face the challenge of managing time for them to actually sit and focus on the management subjects and topics. Since many of the Distance MBA students are also professionals who sometimes have to manage their family responsibilities, it is increasingly difficult for them to manage time for the studies required.  So it becomes imperative for many of the Distance MBA students to manage their time better and dedicate some time to go through the study topics in understanding and imbibing them.

Be disciplined in your studies: It is very important that you need to be disciplined with your studies since studying distance courses sometimes tend to force people into not taking the course contents and schedules seriously. Since the Distance MBA classes despite being doable at your pace might have certain time frame and you might need to complete your course without going beyond it. As mentioned earlier, you can chalk a study plan and finish all the required courseware like tests, assignments and online/weekend classes. Identify your weak areas and try to work on them in diligent way which is only possible though a disciplined approach.

Avoid procrastination at any cost: The flexibility of studying Distance MBA at your own pace can be quite relaxing but it also all the more dangerous.  While we have all time access study materials like texts and videos online,  it could also lead one into false security that there is a lot of time to learn all that. One could fall in to this bad habit of procrastinating studying and by the time one realizes the time wasted, it might be too late. So student need to be actively engaging and proactive to finish all assignments in time.

Manage the routine better: Since the Distance MBA students usually are working and do not have the luxury of spending the day time studying, they need to make sure they get time for the studies afterwards. Sometimes, after work hours and weekends are spent on chores which can be delegated to other family members or whoever you share your house with and of course, you need to make sure you don’t become a burden but make them understand and help you out. You need to actively try and get most of the work done either by delegating it or automating it like paying bills online so it leaves some time for you to concentrate on your studies.

Use the resources well: Today, with the advent of internet the study resources are abundant for any aspiring student. You need to make sure you utilize all the possible tools to get maximum exposure on the subject at hand. You may not go to a classroom but there several online forums or there could be an official class forum where you could participate and discuss the subjects. You can also look at various social media platforms where one could gain a lot of insight and exchange ideas.

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