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Tips for getting a job after doing Distance MBA

Published On: 09 Aug 2014 | Last Updated On: 15 Nov 2016

Most of the people who go for a Distance MBA are young working professionals who are looking to bolster their career with a professional degree. But increasingly there are students who opt for Distance MBA for its convenience of studying from the comfort of their home and also to avoid major financial burden by taking up the regular MBA route.

But is it the Distance MBA really worth it? This is question that is plaguing several students who want are not sure if they should take up the Distance MBA. The direct answer to that question is that any professional degree will help towards a better future prospects and Distance MBA certainly enhances the chances of obtaining a job for a graduate.

You will need to choose a career after your MBA wisely to ensure that you have a proper career. Also, with business schools in India churning out lakhs of management graduates every year, obtaining just the degree is no longer a sure shot way to successful career.  Here are some tips on how you can find yourself great career options after a Distance MBA.

Update your resume: The first way to impress a `gatekeeper’ or a person who handles your resume first in a company is to have an impressive resume which rightly showcases your talents and highlights the things you have learned which paves way for an interview call. The skills you have picked up during your studies and the proper resume layout helps a great deal in getting your resume pass through the first barrier.

Prepare ahead of any interview: If you are attending any interviews after finishing the Distance MBA, make sure you are thorough with your basics in management and be prepared to answer questions like why did you choose Distance MBA and how did it help you. You need to confident without going overboard and articulate about what you learnt and how you are willing to learn. If you make the interviewer understand that you are a capable candidate, you have an equal chance as any regular MBA person in the job market.

Start netwroking and use alumni Resources:  One of the biggest advantages of going for regular MBA despite the hefty fees is that they afford class room interactions and helps you build a solid network which helps you throughout your career. So you need to actively foster relationships after your course for opportunities. Best way is to networking with alumni and also people who are pursuing Distance MBA like your peers is one of the most valuable resources that MBA graduates can use to locate job opportunities.

Be active online: Being active online does not just imply that you go on social media platforms though certainly that plays a part but you need go beyond that. Register yourself on job portals and maintain a proper profile and keep an eye on different job postings on various job sites and job boards on them. You also need to maintain a clean online record as people can get found out for their online bad behavior these days.

Get hands on experience:  Look for internship opportunities or volunteering for various projects which are posted on various sites. These will give you a feel of the real world job conditions and also give proper hands on experience before taking a full time job. More importantly, these internships or volunteering can lead to a full time job if you impress the higher ups in that limited period and even if you don’t get the same job, you can always showcase it in your resume as it carries some weight.

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