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Why Distance MBA degree is beneficial to you?

Published On: 01 Feb 2014 | Last Updated On: 15 Nov 2016

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is generally considered to be the ticket to enter the Indian corporate world. An MBA degree helps the students in getting various jobs in sales and marketing, finance, HR and IT operations among other job openings.

Now getting an MBA from regular means is a good thing but increasingly, the distance MBAs are also becoming popular to enhance one’s knowledge and furthering their career. This is especially true in the case of young professionals who started working immediately after graduation.  It is also popular among entrepreneurs and professionals in their mid-career looking for a boost to their career through the means of an MBA degree.

 Even with the curriculum, the Distance MBA degree program works pretty much the same as any other MBA degree program. The distance programs have the standard curriculum and certification process with a few exceptions regarding the overall process. 

We seek here why doing a Distance MBA program is beneficial to you, especially in the Indian context.

The benefits of doing Distance MBA programs:

Cost: One of the major factors in deciding about any higher education India is the cost of the program. It is known that most of the top B-schools also charge top bucks as the tuition fee. While you can have the return on investment with a plum job at the end of the course, the truth is that not all get cushy jobs in the beginning of their career which is why the cost of education becomes a factor. The low fee charged for distance MBAs offer great value for money to students and professionals who economically conscious. You certainly don’t need to spend the first decade of your career trying to repay the bank loan with distance MBA!

Location:  The Distance MBA degree program curriculum is designed in the same way as a regular MBA minus the scheduled class room teaching every day. While it is disadvantage to not get lectures on the subject in a class room, there is also a major benefit to this. One is not tied to the location. If you are an IT professional working in Bangalore wanting to earn a degree from a college in Pune, Mumbai or Delhi, you can do so while still working from Bangalore.  In effect, Distance MBA helps students break free of geographical limitations and also opens a much wider variety of coursework and degree specializations.

Flexibility: Distance MBA’s does not require you to attend regular classes every day on schedule which frees up a lot of your time to pursue other things. The Distance MBA students enjoy much greater flexibility in the ongoing management of their classroom responsibilities including attending classes via watching videos, and completing required coursework and exams.

Job promotion: Distance MBA course helps in refreshing your knowledge base which is essential for going up the corporate ladder. Professionals who want to get promotions in their current job but who can’t go for a regular course will find Distance MBA hugely beneficial to them. Sound knowledge of corporate practices and case studies helps in advancing up the management chain for any working professional looking for promotion.

Entrepreneurial dreams:  It is the dream of most people to have their own business set up. While being an entrepreneur does not require a degree, it is also about seizing the opportunity present in the market. And the sound understanding of business practices prevalent and the corporate world helps immensely in this day and age. Having a professional business management degree can only add value to a person who is running a business. Today we have hundreds of new businesses in India and one could be among them while earning a professional degree.


Finally, we can confidently say that distance MBAs have their own set of benefits while regular MBAs, of course have their advantages.  Distance MBAs as an option for continuing education and knowledge are a great resource. And it is not easy being motivated all through this learning by self but it does offer its own rewards in the end.

If you look at the money you will be saving on the huge sums to be paid for the regular MBA and the money you would earn during the same period by being employed, one would have a great amount of money at their disposal from which one can decide on their life goals. In any case, as the old saying goes learning never goes waste and it always yields some fruits even if it takes time.

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