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Why should you go for a Distance MBA program?

Published On: 09 Aug 2014 | Last Updated On: 15 Nov 2016

One of the bigger questions asked about a Distance MBA with respect to a full time MBA is that why should anyone go for Distance MBA? It is a fair question when there are hundreds of B-Schools in our country offering various courses in every possible specialization.

To answer this question, we need to take into consideration that a full time MBA is definitely valued more but it also comes up with its own set of hurdles which many of us might not be able to cross. First of all, a full time MBA demands you prepare for the entrance exam and get ahead of everyone in the exams and then a pay pretty hefty fees and to top all that you need to give two most valuable years completely to classrooms.

But there are several people who can’t afford to take a break to prepare for the exams and then attend the classes for two full years and also make pay the astronomical sums as fees. There are also other individuals who finish their graduation and just want to get ahead in their career and feel that going for two more years of class room education might be an opportunity cost that they ready trade in for more hands on corporate experience. It is in this light that a Distance MBA comes into picture and helps these young executives.  

Here we list the reasons why you should go for a Distance MBA:

You get scheduling flexibility:  Unlike the full time MBA, you get flexibility to schedule your activities. Most of the Distance MBA degrees only require a minimum of interaction which means you can do research, take tests and get your degree at your own pace and according to your own schedule.  Some distance MBAs are also interactive with plenty of Skype time with professors and interaction online with other students. In any case, a Distance MBA degree gives you more options for how you want to study and even with regard to which classes are taken when.

You can work while studying:  The biggest advantage a Distance MBA gives is that you can study while working and in essence you can apply what you learn simultaneously which could give a more hands on experience rather just rote learning some theory. You don’t need to forsake your work experience of two years to get the degree and at the same time, you can have a degree to show which will help you in your future career path and strengthens your profile. These days, several companies actually encourage their employees to go this route by paying for some or all of the costs involved since it means they won't lose a valuable employee in the process.

You can still enjoy family and social life:  By opting for a Distance MBA course, you don’t need to move across geographical location and be away from your family for two full years. You can still go out with friends and family to have a great social life which s essential to balance the professional and personal commitments. By no means, a Distance MBA can be taken lightly or casually but you still have a amount of room to do many other activities or hobbies which you like which is definitely not possible while pursuing a full time course. Also on the plus side, you get a support from friends and family always to tackle if you come to encounter any obstacle.

You get to earn degree at a significantly lesser cost:  A full time MBA is not easy on the pocket and sometimes students who take student loans have to work for years before they repay the full amount of loan and it takes a toll most people as a great burden. There is also the opportunity cost of working for two years when you are devoting that time to study. The Distance MBA programs from most B-Schools are not prohibitively expensive and you don’t need to go broke to pay for these courses. There are also associated costs like housing, food and travel in those two years which are significantly reduced in a Distance MBA program.

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