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Broadcast Engineering

Published On: 28 Jun 2012 | Last Updated On: 20 Aug 2013

Broadcast Engineering is a sub division of electrical engineering that predominantly deals with television and radio broadcasting. It is integration of electrical engineering, electronics communication engineering, and radio physics and to some extent computers and internet technologies. Broadcasting Engineers are responsible for the instantaneous updates and live pictures that flashes across our screens from any part of the world while all you need to do is sit back and enjoy this enigma. These professionals, in their day-to-day affairs carry out their work on transmitter technologies of radio and television stations. A Broadcast engineer requires excellent problem solving skills and analytical bent of mind, besides qualification in related engineering disciplines.

Courses & Eligibility:

To become a Broadcast engineer one may require the following qualifications depending upon the technical environment and work responsibilities.

  • Degree in electronic engineering
  • Degree in telecommunications engineering
  • Degree in computer engineering
  • Degree in Information Technology
  • Degree in broadcast technology

The pre-requisite condition to apply for the graduation course is +2 in Science stream with Mathematics and Physics as core subjects. Moreover, they are subjected to an entrance test. Diploma holders in the related fields can also pursue B Tech or B.E. course by way of the Lateral Entry Scheme.

Career Prospects:

Broadcast Engineers work with government and private broadcasting organizations which includes, both radio stations and television houses . They also work with space and marine agencies.

Graduates with a degree or diploma certificate can easily find jobs in music companies, movies, television, advertising and broad casting, live concerts, multimedia organizations, CD production etc. One can also assist a recording engineer to set up his equipments and instruments. Different job profiles of a Broadcast Engineer are : -
Broadcast Design Engineer, Broadcast Systems Engineer, Broadcast IT Engineer, Broadcast Network Engineer, Broadcast Maintenance Engineer, Video Broadcast Engineer, TV Studio Broadcast Engineer, Outside Broadcast Engineer, Remote Broadcast Engineer.


Broadcast Engineers enjoy lucrative pay packages in the media industry. Salary averages approximately Rs. 25000/- per month for the young graduates. However, depending on higher qualification, promotions earned performances, and higher degrees their salaries may shoot up exceedingly. Broadcast Engineers are provided with living & medical facilities and other perks from the government.

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