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Computer science engineering, emerges as hot favourite among IIT-Delhi students

Published On: 30 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 31 Jul 2012

Computer science and engineering has emerged as a hot favourite among the students of IIT-Delhi. Large numbers of students are opting for the course at IIT-Delhi. Computer science and engineering branch keeps on including the advanced topics in accordance with the future to meet the intellectual challenges and create new knowledge on daily basis. Like previous years, this year too, the course has emerged as the most sought after course at degree level.

Sources from the institute revealed that though the institute offers a fixed number of about 100 seats for all courses such as mechanical, civil, computer science and engineering, for 2012, top scorers have preferred to choose computer science and engineering.

One of the major reasons apart from providing good job prospects, lucrative salaries and challenges is that it involves research scopes (mechanics, bio, neuro-science and others).

However, most of the students who opt for the course during admissions are unaware of the type of research options available in this field and only choose it due to the availability of wide career options.

There is wide career scope for computer science and engineering graduates. Numerous options available include web applications, video games, computer graphics, embedded systems, enterprise computing, mobile applications, network administration, computational biology, computer vision, scientific modeling, super computing, computer security, animation, database systems, wireless network, core companies, artificial intelligence, computer manufacturing, computational skills, bank sector and computer programming.

Further the demand of computer engineers is increasing widely in industry sector. The salaries offered are lucrative. Though, same goes true for other branches of engineering as well but computer science engineering has been trending as the most sought-after course since years.

Source: Times of India

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