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IIT Gandhinagar emerges as a preferred choice among the new IITs

Published On: 19 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 19 Jul 2012

The Indian Institute of Technology – Gandhinagar (IIT-Gn) has emerged as a popular choice of students among the eight new IITs, as the institute concentrates on innovation. 120 students from across the country registered for the undergraduate engineering programs offered at IIT-Gn on July 18, 2012. This included nine girl students.

A newly registered student from Madhya Pradesh informed that no other IIT matched the innovative projects being carried out at IIT-Gn and this motivated him to choose this institute. The institute gives freedom to the students to think creatively. Another student from Hyderabad agreed with him.

The IIT-Gn students are known to think out of the box and take them up as projects and develop prototypes. A senior official from IIT-Gn informed, the students have already carried out many innovative projects, such as, device to remove pomegranate seeds, device to extract oil from fried foods, wheelchairs that can climb stairs and many more. The institute has also tied up with prestigious companies to work on technology development and has set up centres such as Grassroots Innovations Design Studios (GRIDS).

The official further added that IIT-Gn is very young and cannot be compared to the established brands of IITs. However, the institute has managed to make a mark in a short span of time because of the various innovative projects. Students here are introduced to arts, humanities and other aspects of life along with the traditional engineering subjects – Physics and Mathematics.

Source: Times of India

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