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IITs still not ready for common entrance exam

Published On: 03 Aug 2012 | Last Updated On: 28 Aug 2012

Despite of much resentment, ministry of human resource development (MHRD) is rigid on implementing a single national level entrance exam for engineering but IITs are not ready to accept it.

The MHRD is all set to appoint a committee which is expected to be headed by chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. Even before forming the committee, IITs are raising voice against the necessity to review the ‘single test’ proposal stating that test is not a good idea.

Taking lessons from prior experience, MHRD is now planning to involve IIT faculty members in the committee. Though the faculties have appreciated the decision to include them but are not ready to accept the CET.

The president of the All India IIT Faculty Federation expressed that IITs wanted to bring in two-stage process which was in the system till 2005. Also the Senates wanted and approved the two-stage process of exam only. But he was doubtful about adopting the single test.

The committee has been proposed to chalk out the modalities for the single entrance exam and suggest methods to introduce it across different streams in a processed manner starting with engineering.

There is a substantial apprehension that if the proposed committee already has drawn a final conclusion – giving a sense that committee is working backwards and not to address the loopholes in the examination system. If a faculty is included in the committee, it would atleast leave a scope of idea sharing.

A major reason that IIT faculty is not agreeing on the single test is that they consider it for all bachelor degree engineering programs as putting barriers on the method of test that can be exercised. Sources from IIT-Bombay revealed that if a test is conducted for 20-25 lakh aspirants, objective type machine readable test is the only option. It believes that students cannot be differentiated on the basis of such test.

The IITs argue that need of the hour is an exam that evaluates candidate’s deeper thinking and analytical skills. This is only possible through a conventional subjective test. For subjective tests, manageable number of student is required and thus big exam can act as common filter while the second test is more competitive to filter the brilliant students.

Source: Economic Times

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