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Mechatronics Engineering in India

Published On: 23 May 2012 | Last Updated On: 01 Jun 2012

Can you imagine the result of combining six disciplines of engineering into one? Well, it's called Mechatronics and it sure is something. This multidisciplinary field of engineering, which initially began by combining mechanics and electronics, now encompasses six disciplines. Mechatronics is a combination of Electronic engineering,Computer engineering,control engineering,Systems design engineering,software engineering and mechanical engineering.

The field has been responsible for providing the world with some truly brilliant ideas and products. Robots, which have amazed both children and adults, are a result of this field.

Mechatronics aims to create products that are useful and has contributed to products to our daily life like cameras, hard disks, CD players etc. It has also created products for research and development purposes such as space exploration vehicles, synergy drives, production systems and anti lock braking for cars. Mechatronics also has another popular offshoot called Biomechatronics. It aims to incorporate mechanical parts with the human body.

The scope for the field is growing each day as needs and requirements arise. The field is actively involved in research and development, and caters to space technology, space exploration, Robotics and IT. Since it is a multidisciplinary field, its applications are vast. There is also a high demand from overseas for mechatronic engineers. In India, with the rate of progress and the implementation of new research and development projects, there is definitely a lot of scope for graduates from the field as they can opt for jobs in IT companies as well. Mechatronics is also a very important component of the development in the field new age mobile phones and phone applications. The progress and development of the field is only going to increase, and so is the demand for engineers from the field.

The following list consists of names of colleges that offer courses related to Mechatronics in India.

UG courses:

PG courses:

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