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  • Should I do distance learning from India or from schools abroad? By naman61908, On 18 Apr 11 2 answers

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  • NIBM (National Institute of Business Management) offers Distance MBA in online mode and online MBA programs are ideal for working professionals. It is one of the best online MBA providers in India that offers 1 year Executive MBA along with other 1 year and 2 year programs in the most affordable fee structure. Check the website of NIBM for more. By thomas64589, On 28 Oct 14
  • You should do research based on what exact course or field you want to do executive courses in, and then figure out the schools which are known for those specific courses. Then you can also decide keeping in mind your budget and schedule flexibility. Studying from a global school tends to make your CV more attractive. By anurag32805, On 21 Apr 11

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