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Guide for Executive Education

Published On: 25 Jan 2011 | Last Updated On: 24 Jan 2012


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Stuck in your job!

Hitting the career ceiling! 

Don't see a good career in the current job! These are some of the common situations in the corporate world, are there ways out, yes there are. The important activity needed is "self retrospection".

Sometimes I wonder, it is all like an assembly line in a manufacturing plant, you do your schooling, then finish graduation and get on to work - money is a big pull, taking one's and family's responsibility is another reason why people get into the work world without reflecting much. 

One of my rememberings from the movie "3 Idiots" has been that one to focus on skills, capabilties and passion rather than Results - because Results are a function of the activity one does. How good a work one could take up depends a lot on passion & skills. A simple example would be the following:-

Ravi is a sales manager in a leading bank, he is hard working, intelligent and is able to meet his targets very well. But there is something that keeps him down, he is not happy with his current job profile, he feels he can get in the corner office, i.e. do what his top boss does, much better if given a chance. He is passionate about having a b big team working under him and taking big challenges. What keeps him  down is that in the current pace it would taken him atleast 10 years to reach that level.

The question is, can one get the best of both worlds - get the financial stabilty of working in a good firm and the joy of following one's passion. 

4/5 years in career, a good job in hand, financial stability, well settled family - if these are your life's characteristics, then it is time to reflect - are you really happy, can you do more with yourself, what is your vision for yourself ?, are you in the right track? 

And good news is, there is a lot of help that you can get. Today, a lot of top institutions offer various courses/modules to the working class. If you can take time off your job and need some inspiration/ guidance to pursue your passion, then there are a number of places you can go. 

Top management insitutes, both from India and Abroad are offering specialized courses for executives, that in one hand help them excel in their careers, on the other hand help them reflect and set goals for themselves for leading a joyous and prosperous life. 

Do check out this channel for Executive Education options available in our channel. More than books and course material, such programs offer the environment (team mates & refelctive pedagogy) that would help you set aggressive professional goals and attain them.

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