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Five mantras to begin your career on a positive note

Published On: 03 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 30 Nov 2012

The first career opportunity is an important landmark in a career of a professional and initial months are very crucial. Your first impression leaves a long lasting impression on your manager. Below given are the five important ways to start your career on a good note:

Be a good listener

One of the most important things in one’s professional life is to be a good listener. You must listen and examine carefully before advising any changes. This works not only at your workplace but also in your personal life. A new joinee suggesting better ways for improvement is generally not taken seriously and might face negative reactions.

Be an optimist

One must have a positive attitude towards work. You should be motivated enough to distinguish yourself from other team members. As a fresher you should always be ready to take up new challenges and learn new things. No job is menial, it’s your attitude how you perceive it.

Take initiatives

Freshers are generally given small assignments in the initial weeks, but they are expected to take initiatives gradually and seek bigger roles and challenging tasks. Professionals should define targets for themselves and should assess after every 6 months. One should be a self starter and a volunteer to help other team members.

 Do not be a gossip monger

Do not indulge in gossiping though it can help you to know important things about your office and your colleagues. But it is advisable not to contribute to the grapevine.

Keep your manager informed

Freshers should discuss their problems and feedback with their managers regularly. Regular meetings with your manager help in building a good rapport and relationship. Performance review meetings help you to know your shortcomings and work on them. But do not approach your boss for small problems, instead ask your colleagues to help you.

Thus a fresher should keep all these points in mind in the initial months of the first job as these can pave the roadmap to a successful career in future.

Source: Economic Times

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