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Mantras to grab the job of your choice

Published On: 01 Aug 2012 | Last Updated On: 30 Nov 2012

There is no shortcut to success but still there are some basic points which have to be kept in mind to beat the interview process. Sometimes we fail to present our strengths to grab the job opportunity of our choice. Let us know what all necessary points we need to keep in mind while going for an interview:

Before walking in for interview

1)Evaluate the job profile: Before walking in for interview you should go through the job profile to know what the recruiter is looking for. Then prepare a cover letter indicating your strengths and skills to ensure that you are the right choice for the job.

2)Know about the employer: You should research properly about the employer before going for an interview. Know about their products, recent landmarks and future goals so that you don’t fumble when asked a tricky question. This will also show your keenness to join the company.

3)Make your resume concise: Your resume should be concise and clear. Mention only those points for which you can present the proof. Do not give routine skills such as ‘hardworking’. Mention your achievements and competencies specifically and present your flaws smartly so that they appear as virtues.

4) Smarten up your appearance: Dress up in sober colours such as grey, blue and beige. Your footwear should be polished well. Girls should avoid wearing heels. Comb your hair properly and use simple accessories and jewellery.

During the interview

Follow perfect posture: Walk confidently, sit straight and don’t be uneasy. Put your hands on your knees or on the armrest. Keep your feet together firmly on the ground. If you want to change position, cross your ankles, don’t sit with crossed legs.

Be attentive: It depends on an interviewee in which direction his/her interview goes as questions posed are based on the previous answers. You should keep the interview focused to your professional life. Give to the point answers and avoid rambling. If you don’t an answer to a question accept it. Avoid getting into controversial topics.

Be patient: Employer may ask questions to provoke you to know how you tackle stressful situation, so be calm and patient. If you feel that based on fact your answer is correct but recruiter is asking its validity, be self-confident, don’t argue.

Ask questions: Be inquisitive as it shows that you are keen to take up the job and willing to stay for a long term. Ask about the responsibilities that you will be taking care of, upcoming crucial projects and other things you will be allowed to do.

The questions asked by the interviewer will be mainly based on the job profile. Apart from this you should frame your own set of questions to know what best of you can contribute to the company and the job.

Five probable questions to be asked by the candidate

  • What kind of on-the-job training is provided?
  • What will be my core responsibilities?
  • What does company expect from me and in what time duration?
  • What is the possibility for promotion?
  • To whom will I report? What team/resources would I get at my disposal?

What should be your answer to the question – What is your salary expectation?

Most of the candidates trip when asked about the salary expectation. You should mention the range of your salary expectation. If the salary offered is below your expectation ask the recruiter if it could be discussed after knowing the salary break-up.

Top 10 interview questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself
  2. Why did you quit your last job?
  3. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
  4. Why should we recruit you?
  5. How do you manage failure?
  6. Tell something about your important achievements
  7. What are your other interests?
  8. What is your greatest weakness/strength?
  9. How did you handle your toughest professional problem?
  10. What makes you to join this company?

Source: Economic Times

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