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Tips for freshers to handle tricky questions in an interview

Published On: 18 Aug 2011 | Last Updated On: 03 Dec 2012

Do you at times ponder on the fact that despite of creating an excellent resume why are you still looking for a job?

What a student/ fresher needs to realize is that always the right resume does not land you the right job. At times what becomes more important for a fresher is his presence of mind and level of confidence during the interview while handling tough questions.

A few pointers to help you tackle the tricky questions:-

  • Don’t play the blame game - At times the interviewer will try to put pressure or create stressful situations by asking “why have you scored less percentage”? Now if you answer this question by blaming your college or teachers, it creates a very negative impact on the interviewer. You’ll project yourself as a person who doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions and blames others. Employers want people who want to take responsibility of their own actions. You should try to give more positive answers in negative situations like this, such as “I can definitely do better than this and would like to prove myself at the job front”.
  • Market yourself - What one needs to understand is that an interview is essentially a platform where a fresher is required to market himself. You need to convince your prospective employer that you have the right skills, attitude, background and flexibility to pursue the job.
  • Give realistic and credible answers - At times the interviewer may be really tough and can ask questions such as “What value addition can you do to our organization?” or “What skills have you acquired from your course which can benefit our organization”? In such situations always praise the institution from where you are pursuing or pursued your course from in a realistic manner. Try mentioning attributes that your prospective employer will identify as well as agree with.
  • Be positive and maintain your calm - One should always be very positive and smiling while tackling tough questions, frowning, getting agitated or flustered will never help you get through any interview. Most of the candidates get rejected due to tension and fear and employers generally look for employees with high emotional quotient.
  • Prepare yourself well before interview - Preparation for an interview is very important. One needs to plan as well rephrase his resume verbally. Mostly the question “Tell us about yourself” is asked. Freshers should have a well prepared answer to this question and it should be well-suited to the job requirement. Write down a list of expected questions in an interview and prepare them well. Also make a note of the areas where you would want to throw maximum light on in an interview. Always research about the organization where you are going for the interview.
  • Communication skills are the key to land the dream job - Having the right communication skills especially verbal skills is very important. Having good technical knowledge and bad communication skills will really not help you. So, start developing your verbal skills now. Try citing a lot of examples while answering question. Facts and figures always help in an interview.

No magic ever works in an interview. It’s only you who can get selected or rejected based on your efforts.  Thoughtful answers, selective background presentation and good amount of preparation will definitely land you your dream job.

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