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Tips on how to crack campus placements

Published On: 29 Jun 2012 | Last Updated On: 30 Nov 2012

When a student reaches his/her final year of college one of the most important and also exciting phase he/she looks forward to is the placement season. Many companies, big and small, come to colleges for recruiting new employees. Campus placements give a lot of opportunities to students that they wouldn’t get if they stepped out into the industry looking for a job by them after graduation. The placement record of a college is one of the main criteria for students during admission.

However, preparing for a placement process is not the same as preparing for an exam and students should make sure that they do everything in their capability to perform well. Following are a few tips that can be followed to prepare well for the campus placement process:

Keep in touch with your placements officer. All colleges have a placement officer who organizes and schedules the placement drives and keeping constant contact with them will keep you in the knowhow of the companies coming to your college for placements.

Be sure of the field of work you want to join. It is very important to be clear about what kind of job you want and go for placements for the companies that are offering profiles matching your interest. Going for every placement drive will be a waste of time if it is not what you are looking for.

Prepare yourself for aptitude tests. Most companies that come for placements to colleges have various rounds that shortlist candidates and aptitude tests are very commonly used for short listing in the first round. Practicing in aptitude tests will help you perform better and advance to the further rounds.

Do thorough research on the history and details of the company. It is important to have some knowledge about the company so that understanding the placement presentation and what the company does becomes easier for you.

Carry extra documents of all documents. Make sure that you have a professional CV and all documents that might be needed by the interviewers. It is always better to carry extra copies of all the documents and photographs.

Dress professionally. Dress well and be neat when you go for the interview/placement presentation. Dressing neatly and accordingly will help make a good first impression.

Prepare answers for the frequently asked questions. Most interviews have a few common questions and preparing well for these questions will help you answer these questions effectively and with confidence.

Reach the interview venue on time. Late comers are not appreciated by the interviewers and it is always better to reach the venue 10 – 15 minutes before the time allotted to you.

Following these simple tips will guarantee a good performance in the placement process and will also ensure that one gets a good job before one completes his/her graduation. This will give one a head start in his/her career and save one's precious time that would have otherwise been spent on ‘job-hunting’.

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